Saturday, June 25, 2005

my big brother

well, the thing is i have been knitting but i do not feel like talking about that right now. see, my big brother is currently deployed and having a tough time of it in the sense of all the things that go along with being away from his wife, family, home etc. and i was just thinking about him and his challenges. his birthday just passed and he, being the eldest of 8, is now leading us all into the dubious place of adulthood. when life challenges us, we respond with the tools and methods we learned in our formative years. i have been witnessing his response to the situation via his journaling at his blog and it is amazing, and heartbreaking and informative and scary. because he can really make you, myself, any reader, see and feel what these men are experiencing. if you have a moment to visit him, please do. this is definitely not about the war or how you feel about our involvement in iraq, i do not believe in violence nor would i ever support the havoc it wreaks. but my brother has been told to be there, and i take some comfort in knowing he can show us how to be proud of our men, even in the conflicting emotions this war stirs.