Saturday, October 07, 2006

unfinished business

good lord...this site has so little to do with knitting, so little to do with anything really. things and time constraints aside, maybe i am just not cut out to blog. it probably has something to do with reading everyone else in the knitting community, by the time i come back here i just am plain old computer burned out.

um, that last post spoke of bathroom reno. welllll, it is not not done, it is just not completed. there is a big difference, you know? there is a fairly functional space that is not too hard on the eyes...but then, the other side of the room is lacking a few essentials, like a vanity and sink. the fire has drained from my person, the husband has been working so hard and i just feel bad insisting he build a custom cherry vanity on the few hours a week that he does not have to be in the shop. we did get a lovely frame for the mirror out of scraps otherwise to be discarded, so there is nothing to complain about. it will get done. it always does. they say a carpenters house is never complete. they speak truly.

it has been such a weird time for knitting. i bought scads of yarn on a vacation we took in september.
i bought hand spun alpaca from a little farm on a canadian island, koigu skeins from little boutiques that i would (of course) never be able to find elsewhere, knitpicks terribly cheap but oh so soft yarns, ebay 10 packs....aaaaaaaa....make me stop. and i cannot seem to finish anything. colchique languishes in a corner because i changed the armhole shaping and did not write it our clearly. a new project i started make me feel like barfing when i pick it up (more about that later, it is an association thing), some lovely silk from handmaiden cries out to me 'please, start some lace with me, i will be worth it'... and yet i lay still, hands idle.

so, i thought if i post and put pictures of all the lovely yarns and opportunities awaiting my someday eager hands, i will either be inspired or shamed into beginning and finishing all planned, anticipated, imagined and actual-pattern-in hand projects every time i go to my site to link up with all the other blogs i obsessively read. luck with that, eh? here is a little montage of the yarn waiting, as seen in the backyard, posing among various natural elements. it is so pretty. and feels so lovely to the touch. just handling it reminds me there is so much reward to each piece, each project.

anyway, that is the happenings. there is good reason to start trying to be more consistent here. i have little in the way of work at this time and things are a-changing in our lives. i had hoped to be more prolific (and proficient) by this time in the blog world, so maybe as an early resolution i shall commit to a post a week, whether trivial or not, knitted or not, feeling like it or not. i need a good dose of discipline lately. let us see if i can give it to myself.