Monday, November 14, 2011


I don't mean to be MIA. I don't want to be MIA. I do that thing where I write blog posts in my head or make comments on some of the amazing writing that I get to read every so often. But it does not translate, the words to page or rather screen.

I spend a lot of time working lately. It crept in, the hours incresing as they had to. In a way I decided I wanted to practice a little, anticipating that I might have to actually go 'for real' full time. First it was three days, then I added a fourth day and now it is five. Funny how time can creep away so easily, so quickly, given readily. I have not been angry or upset about the change, it feels right to be working this way, testing myself. But it does leave very little time for anything else.

Anything else; blogging falls into that category. I love words but spend hours tapping our patient care documentation, it is not fancy stuff and the obligation sometimes sends my wrists into a spiral of stiffness and pain and I realize it bleeds me of the desire to tap out more for myself. But then I read something from last year, something like this and it makes me realize.

I love this space for many reasons but those reasons have taken a backseat of late. I have little time to read and connect and comment and engage in this realm. But I know it will be here, when the time comes for me to be here. And I want to keep placing words here because when I glance back into my own lives and words here, it connects me somehow. It is truly the height of Me-ness, to put words here for Me. But I kinda' feel like that is okay too.

Insta-life. I love it.

In the mean time I am holding onto to the tether that Twitter and Instagram have become. As the time comes for packing and rearranging our lives and (gulp) big big moves, it is nice to have a place to reach out and find you all.

And as for the move? It all came through so far. The job, slated at part time with benefits for all of us, the timeline we needed. A trip North to find a place to lay our heads is in order. Holidays are in order with the whole family coming down to gather one more time.

But I am going to go through with 365 though. It looks like we will be picking up the moving van on December 31st, figure that will make a great last photo for a year that is shaping up to have been one somewhat light on words but packed full of actions.

no Halloween recaps this year but here is a glimpse

Bday shot
On my bday last month. Pretty happy.