About Me

Hello, My name is amiee. I am a mother to twin boys that have reached the age of four, I am a wife to a man that I have known since my teenage years and I like to make things.

Recap :: Us

I am also an (almost full time) working physical therapist. Before my children I specialized in treating brain injury and spinal cord injury persons/patients. After my children I shifted to home care. I work with old people. Sometimes they are dying people. It makes me realize "Aren't we all?".

This blog began as a knit blog, hence the title. I truly began blogging while I was on bed rest for three months waiting for our twins to join us. The vibrant online knit community convinced me of the Magic that is blogging. This space has evolved since those days...it holds pieces of me as I learn to knit a well lived life.

The last few years have held so much change as we try settle into the life we want to live. We struggle and grow and move through it and I do wish I had more time to be here, but I also thank you for dropping in to see and say hello if you like.

I take pictures with a Canon 50D, mostly for pleasure, occasionally for others. I fall in and out of this place, this blog. I love the connection but hate the work it takes to keep up. I make when I can, work because I have to; for money, for karma, because it is my calling. And try to live a well knit life. I do hope we can all do the same.

Thanks for stopping and staying a moment. Feel free to visit any time.