Friday, December 08, 2006

liar, liar.....

let me check the calender again, yep, it is december, yep, the 8th. um, last time i was here i spoke of early resolutions, vacations, knitting, new yarn...not necessarily in that order. i had some crazy idea that if i wrote down in that post that i planned to post that maybe i would post. apparently it was to little effect, as i did not post. i mean to,i really do, it is just that everyone else is so interesting. and i do not think others actually read this either. ah, the glory of seeing one's writing in print, even if it is on the internet with a bizillion others.

the holiday season is heavily upon us here. the autumn comes to a close soon and i thought to post a plethora of pictures that would likely illustrate a bit better why i do not actually write more often. we tend to have many projects at a time that compete with the ambition to try to get away as often as possible. i live in a multigenerational home, so much family and all good in many ways, but leading my husband and i to seek the occasional respite in weekend trips to remote and quiet areas with only dog as company. here are some pics of recent happenings. yeah, yeah, a few pathetic yarn pictures thrown in for good measure.

um, i wish i understood blogger better.i never can get those pictures in order. anyway, above in no real order are pictures including : a) man and mishka b) me wearing handmaiden sea silk something in a very silly manner c) knitted baby hat, pattern from purl,portland d) sunflower e) shaver lake, western sierras.

just a brief recap of some autumn events, many more memories to be posted like...

a) photography and knitting, again in the sierras b) my kitty hallowen make-up, any excuse to wear false eyelashes, darling c) cuddling with the meesh.

it has been a great fall season for many reasons. i have finally settled into some type of pattern in my newly created life where i have some structure but a lot of freedom. for the first time since that period post-college in "job search land" i have very little work to do. having focused on my profession for many years, it was a change, but a good one. i am currently trying to get back to knitting, not that it is to be believed considering i show no fo's. i actually was once quite proficient, but that fell off once i stopped commuting into los angeles for work. as much as i love the fact that i no longer have to wake at an inhuman hour, still, that uninterrupted 45 minutes on a gently rocking train are missed. it was a good time for sweater production. i do hope to finish a long forgotten usmp and highly altered colchique for my beautiful sisters prior to saint nick charging our christmas morn, but i refuse to write any more resolutions in this domain. we will see, we might get a few pictures out of me yet that have modeled articles.

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