Friday, May 18, 2007

i frickin' give up. i have this post sans warshrag or mdk nightie progress. yeah, yeah, progress, not finished. but i so prefer to have photos. oh well, i have one cute picture of my boy owen, i could not get mason on..and not for lack of trying. but you can always click on the flickr tag, it will take you to some delicious photos. and stay tuned, i think i will move. never has frustration ruled me so terribly, ironically it has nothing to do with the insane schedule the boys keep us on.

I have seen it happen before, a blog once about knitting becoming devoted to the little creature thrust into said knitter’s life. Frankly, I quite enjoy the change, there will always be another blog with intricate exciting projects like this, but the baby thing, it just brings joy to see ‘em. It seems I am headed down this road myself. When they consume the majority of your time, effort, energy and universe, you think I would want to get away, eh? But you don’t. You just don’t. We have been keeping the beans close to home, fattening them up like little pigies, just to get them back to and past birth weight. We have been successful. It does require strategy and cooperation to do this, and I rarely leave the confines of the house, of late it has been rounds of MD appts. All the pictures have the same background because Command Central has been seized by the boys. We have them in a co=sleeper at the foot of our bed, the bathroom is literally steps from the bed, it is all within reach. The irony is, my knitting stash boxes hang next to the bed, looking at me with their tones and hues of delicious color, textures begging to be picked up. I am not overly eager to start, but maybe finishing some bits would be good.

I have here some of the projects on the needles. First up, MDK Nightie. The showing over at MOW really inspired desire to get this show on the road. Miles of st-st should be just the ticket, wouldn’t you think? Alas, it languishes by the bedside, receiving a row or two addition every so often. I am thinking of trying to finish it in 4 weeks or so, that is when most post-partum ladies get the go ahead to resume their lives in full. Might be TMI, but having a nice nightie to wear for the husband would be good. By then, I expect most body parts will be in the place I can expect them to be for the future. The baby weight has been going quite easily, I think it is because I was almost all baby, and these guys keep me running. It feels good to not be schlepping a lot more around, but there is still room for improvement, believe me. 4 weeks, there it is in writing.

Next up, simplicity in itself, the Warshrag. This was started April 24 in the L&D room while we waited for the c-section. I had eaten that afternoon, so we were expecting surgery around 10 p.m. It is a great little number and I enjoy watching the pattern unfold, but it remains undone because of the mess I have made of the ass end of it. I just have so little time as it is, I cannot face untangling the bird’s nest it has become. Maybe I will just bind off, make it a short rag and start another with another color scheme. I think that is the best part of it, choosing the colors. The day I started it I was also instructed ’no food or drink’ due to surgery and ironically, on the last day of my pregnancy all I could think of was mint chip ice cream, andes mints, maggie moo’s dark chocolate mint malt shake and pistachios, all evoked by the colors of the warshrag. The universe has such a sense of humor.

The last piece is one I pulled out of deep freeze. I started this years ago, the year my little sister graduated from HSU, so 2005. Spring 2005. I finished the pieces, blocked it, modeled the pieces and realized it was now Labor Day and white was out. Into underbed storage it went. Summer last year I got preggers, so why bother with bothersome seaming I would reap nothing from. Well, just this week I recalled its existence and now it is thawing at bedside. I am making it a bit of a secret until the big reveal, if there is one. This one is very dependent on baby weight regulation, can you see the shaping detail in one of the shots? Any guesses out there? It is one of my very favorite pieces, the pattern was a pleasure and the yarn cool and crisp in its stitch definition. Love it.