Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To Mamas

This post is to say thank you to all the wonderful women who have been reading and commenting on my blog entries lately. I have to say, I did not think there would be people who would be interested in my life and times. When I started it was an experiment really, and a bit of an indulgence, as I really love to write.

But now, well, this blog is a link. It links me to other mamas out there that are learning the ropes along with their little ones. It links me to women who have given birth to twins and watched them thrive and grow and change and become little people. I use these links as connections to the world out there, to the world of parenting. I love seeing it done so well by so many out there. And I have to admit it helps to know other mamas are losing sleep (duh), worrying over their babies and their actions, but also reveling in the joy of this strange phenomenon of parenthood.

I want to tell all of you that when I read comments my heart feels glad and full. I know I have never ‘met’ most of you, but I feel connected and wish you lived around the block so I could drop in with the boys and say hi and kiss your little ones. Or in the case of Ava, hang out with her beautiful daughters and maybe hook them up with one of my attractive brothers (really great guys, I swear, Ava.)

I think in the future I would love to get to know all of you even more…and find ways to connect. I wish I had more time to write and comment back, I try to find time to shoot a few replies out there. But I just wanted to say thanks to you all, Ana, Bea, Kaitlyn, Steph, Ava, Eva, Rae, Jennifer, Gabrielle, Sharon and so many others. I am not kidding when I write that you are making a huge difference in this experience that we are in. Sending you great big bushels of gratitude and, really truly, joy. You are all awesome women and I look forward to watching as your lives grow and change with your children. Thank god for mama-blogging. It rocks my world.

BTW: Kaitlyn, thanks you for the Rockin Girl tag. I have no idea how to pass it on because certain computer related things pass me by completely. If anyone wants to take a little time to explain how I can send that little button thing to other mamas out there, I would be most appreciative. Smiles.

Yep, already trying to model this behavior. Hey, since I am not planning on any more and we have no girls, I have to get one to follow in my fiber footsteps.


Annie said...

Ahhh! I love that picture of your little guy with your knitting.

I agree, th eonline community is a life line!

Bea said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us, and so eloquently! It definitely makes my day to hear about the beans and you and your family :) I love that picture of M knitting, so cute, and good technique!

skhpottery said...

Glad I'm not the only one throwing the fiber at him at this age. I think my boy has spent more time at the yarn store than at either of his grandparents houses! Got to love a knitting circle, bunch of grandmothers willing to pass around a fussy baby between rows.

gleek said...

:) thanks for the props! it's nice having other mamas online that i can talk to. it makes this whole "science experiment" of raising children a little less dangerous.

my little peanut hasn't played with my knitting yet! i can barely get it out when she's awake ;)

ana martinez said...

That is a great way to teach numbers...counting mama's stitches!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for that beautiful generous post, it made my night.
And how cute is your little one knitting!

kaitlyn said...

awe, thanks! All you have to do is download the picture from my site (usually right clicking will give you options) and upload it like a photo to your own. Then you can pass it on to anyone you wish.

I'm looking forward to watching your guys grow too! I remember thinking, in the beginning, that everyday was dragging on so slowly and that the people who said it would go fast were crazy. Well, they aren't. Looking back, everything before 10 months is like a blur. But I remember thinking everything after 5 months was awesome! I got to sleep then and now only stay up way too late by choice :)

jennifer said...

perfectly said. love the connections i've made and so happy to have found you and yours as well.
p.s. the girls started a gym class today - i still think of them as wee ones like your boys, so to see them running and jumping and having a blast with other littles was most amazing. (xoxo again)

Rae said...

Hey darlin, thanks. I feel the same way, and have been so drawn to your family since we became blog friends! You are inspiring, bludgeoning through the craziness of newborn life with twins, having fun and writing about it!

ana martinez said...

I want a copy of that b&w of the boys on their tummy. they are so beautiful.

Katie said...

Trying to catch up on my blog reading and I love this post! I feel the same way- it is so comforting to know that other women are going through the same things I am- even when I don't comment know that I appreciate all your posts because they make me feel normal :)