Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ninth Month

I blinked and this month passed by. What is it about time as we grow older? How do we lose those moments so quickly now? Do you, my babies, my boys, feel time yet? It has been a month of discovery and changes that rapidly increase. I watch as concepts become part of your world and I marvel that this is all new to you and all unfolding.

This month you both discovered the concept of space and time. I know this because I watched as over and under and through became part of your physical vocabulary. You understand that you can breach the gates (quite easily I might add) and follow us when we leave your baby room (once our living room but now fully surrendered to toys and mats, a baby jail galore).
You climb under blankets and over pillows, on top of Mama and Daddy and through whole piles of toys to get what you want. I watch as you reach into your toy box to retrieve an attractive item, usually a box or some other enticing non-toy that worked its way into the melange of toys. It fascinates me to see these new ways, it is such a testament to your growing map of the world and the amazing way your brains just soak up knowledge and experience and beauty.

Ninth months have passed and I once read a post by my favorite Superhero that commented on 9 months in, 9 months out. In your case it was eight but I do understand the significance. The journey of your becoming started that long ago and to see where it is today brings a true sense of wonder for the beauty that is creation. It starts the same for each one of our children, each one of us, and then we become people, unique and individual. We have the privilege of watching this happen for two and I love the perspective we have gained by being blessed by twins.

I know I have read many mamas comment on the fact that things got easier for them around 6 months, but for me it was this month. The issues surrounding those early days were ones we all experience as new parents, sleep, eat, activity, etc. those issues are still daily challenges, but it is different. You can play while Mama knits a bit or does some housework. You can self-entertain and self-feed a bit. You can ‘tell’ me better what your needs of the moment are. And I think you can understand that we have set a routine to our days so that at nap time, you understand tired and surrender with less protest and sometimes audible relief when sleep comes.

I as Mama feel better too, every passing month seems to bring a bit of balance and a return of pieces that feel like me. Combining my Self with Mama Self is getting easier and seeing old friends and making time to do things on my own bring parts of me to the forefront.
I have felt blessed and grateful at the start of this new year to have the support and love that fills our lives and subsequently, yours. You are literally surrounded by loving family that constantly play and provide. I believe it both accelerates your learning and enhances all the lessons life is teaching you.

Legos entered the picture as of Christmas and you are mad for them, just like all your uncles were. I know you prefer eating them over any thing else, but you watch as your uncles and daddy piece them together (sometimes I think for their own pleasure, not necessarily your entertainment).

Cheerios entered the realm too. Oh my Lord, you love them Cheerios. I had no idea how awesome self-feeding would be, I can give you a handful of the little O’s and you are silent for a few minutes. Silent, I never thought that to be a possibility. I love watching you discover them over and over, in the fold of your hands, your pants and the blankie on the floor. We joke that you are stashing them to eat later. Even found a few in the diapers. Those you did not get to eat. There is a limit to what Mama is willing to expose you to.

And speaking of exposing, you prefer to be in that state... “Thank you very much,
Mama, I do not think I need that diaper“. Ach, clothing and changes suck right now, and I know probably will for a long time. It has made me highly efficient in my changing skills, I could win a contest at this point, and believe me, I know I would have stiff competition. It is just that I have two, so I have learned to be that much quicker to end the torture that occurs when getting poop wiped off your bottom. I love it when your nikked butts crawl around, but it is winter, so I am trying to keep some clothing on you.

All in all, you both proving to be totally boy, totally cute and totally amazing in all that you do. I never would have thought it would be like this, so much fun and so much work. I know our worlds are both opening and I can see such fun ahead. I want you to know that I see you, Owen and Mason. I see your Self emerging and I want to acknowledge and thank you for teaching me so very much.

Mason and Owen, I love you. Your Mama loves you so very much.


Sereknitty said...

Oh I just love to read your very articulate thoughts to and about your babies. It's so very real ... not all sweetness and light, but the poopy diapers too. They look so adorable in their various knits :)

Bea said...

Oh I love love love this post! I totally feel what you are saying with the ninth month, from 9-12 months was such a wonderful time for me and Robby, well for Robby and everyone really :) Owen and Robby seem so much alike to me, just crazy active and moving everywhere! I can't believe they are already so big, one of the best things about this time was watching daddy and baby become buddies! And on the dreaded diaper and clothing changes, I understand, Robby acts like I'm poking him with little needles when I do it :) Hugs to all you guys!

gleek said...

time certainly is flying right? my god, they grow up so quick. i just love your little beans :)

by the way, where did you get those mats? i think that i need some of those! the hardwood floors are rough on the peanut.

Dawn said...

You made me cry! I really identify with your sense of joy and wonder at the opportunity to be there with them through this experience. Glad to hear it is starting to get "easier" and that you are finding balance. Your little men are so darn adorable!!

Grandmere said...

You made me well up with tears again! I have so enojoyed watching your little beans grow and it is 9 months already! They are truly joy...and your love for them is so clear, and I know from experience, will keep on growing and growing!

Thank you for sharing with those of us who read your blog.