Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Recap and Rekindle

I wanted to address our first Christmas with the Beans but did not have the chance due to the craziness of the holiday season. We were running from the beginning of December until just after new year’s. Now that things have calmed, and though it may seem a bit dated as we all know the season is over, I have to do a little recap of the lovely time we had this Christmas.

I have written about my wonderful family before, we number eight siblings sans spouses. This year we almost all made it (my older brother and his wife could not make it down) and it serves for a full house on the day of Christmas. We agreed to fore go gifts this year due to financial/material/etc. reasons, but this only means we tend to go towards the handmade. It turned out to be a special and tender day with many gifts that all held special meaning to each giver and receiver. The babies had their share of special things, handmade blocks and handmade hats, but my favorite, the fave of all present actually, were the boots my brother and his fiance brought back from their travels in Mongolia.
They count as man made and contributed to the economy of a lovely country (per the travelers). They do not fit the babies yet, we are hoping they will be just right next year. And then they will be placed in shadow boxes on display because have you ever seen anything as frickin’ adorable as those boots? Well, of course, my babies, so just imagine the combination. Killer.

My hand knits were popular, the felted bag was exclaimed over, the So-Called scarf wrapped around a lovely neck, both Foliage hats worn, and I neglected to photo any of it. We were a little busy trying to keep Owen from eating every piece of wrapping paper he could find. I did get a shot of the handwarmers from Weekend Knitting in action.
My brothers really loved them and I am flattered that some of the most stylish teens I have ever met willingly wear my knits.

I must photo the aprons my sister made each one of the females in the family. They are frilly lovely confections, almost more like party dresses, all this moot without photographic evidence.
She was the creator of the beans little animal fleece hates. I told her I want one, maybe a kitty or something. Or a monkey, love my monkeys, I do.

So, it was fun and though it is over, the season resonates with me as a time of shared family and love. We just finished the second huge pan of vegetarian lasagna my sister cooked from scratch on Christmas Day. The Beans gobbled portions at dinner last night and I had to call her and tell her. She was thrilled and I know I have smart babies as they already understand that their Tanta Mem is an amazing cook.

A wonderful thing developed for me over the season, my love of knitting came to the forefront and I was invigorated and inspired to try new things, pick up the needles and knit. I have decided I am an accessory knitter for now.
The tiny things just fit into my life, give me the process and the product I need. I love knitting garments but I do not wear them, and I have not the time or commitment right now. Thankfully, there are babies galore multiplying in our lives starting with my sister and brother-in-law. I found the pattern for the warshcloth through a friend and knit one in record time.
Then knit another and I have plans for many more. I have found stacks of washcloths to be invaluable for a newborn, heck, even for my eight month olds. So I plan on making stacks.
Then there is my Endpaper (note the singular, number two has been cast on). I love this pattern and recommend using these cast on and cast off tutorials if you decide to Endpaper yourself. (If you would have told me a month ago that I would be able to follow these tutorials I would have laughed as brain dripped out of my earhole...from lack of sleep, you know?)And the pretty white yarn is for a special baby girl and will reveal itself in all is glory when complete.

I am loving the texture and variety small projects allow. And I even found time to ‘design’ a beanie, the one pictured with my boys was something I thought about and actually executed quite quickly except for the crown which required some ripping and re-knitting until I was satisfied.

It is nice to have rekindled my love of yarn and needles. Now enough with the posting, I gotta’ go knit.

Who says Southern California doesn't get weather? These are the foothills behind our house. I love the day after the storm.


Pixiepurls said...

wow what lovely knitting!! Where did you get the feet motif? I love that! You give me hope I'll be able to knit more when baby girl can start sitting up on her own... I keep trying to knit but she wants to be held a lot (4 months now).

Pixiepurls said...

oh and thanks for those links I had just added endpaper to my list as I have stash yarn for it.

kaitlyn said...

please please please post something more about those little footsies if you can! What a perfect little gift, although it would be hard to resist not keeping it!

Bea said...

Those boots are freakin' awesome! I would love to find a pair for Robby, they will be SO cute on Owen and Mason when they are big enough. I'm so glad you're finding time to knit, those stolen minutes here and there doing it, are great for one's sanity :D If you had told me six months ago, I would be able to knit without a nursing baby on my lap, I would have laughed, but that time does come! The little foot rags are so cute, where did you get the pattern?

Lola and Ava said...

The boots are so cute . . . I wish they came in adult sizes! And the footsie wash cloth is adorable. Can't wait to see how your mits turn out!

gleek said...

sounds like a very lovely christmas with the family! i love those washclothes :) now if only i had the time to knit some!

Katie said...

The washcloths are adorable!! And the boots - wow, just perfect for two cool little boys!

Sereknitty said...

The boots are to die for cute! I'd be putting them on display, too. Love the washcloth ... I too, am becoming more interested in accessory only knitting, which I'll begin just as soon as I finish my Silver Belle!

J + T Silverman said...

hey there! so glad you left a comment on my blog - i've really enjoyed getting to know you and your darling family! as far as the digi SLR, we ended up with the nikon d40x. great camera - better value! it will be SO nice to accompany posts with beautiful pics. good luck w/ shopping !