Monday, March 31, 2008

30 Days :: Six


So, we recently reinstated stroller walks (Owen went on strike a few months ago....screaming strike, so we rolled with it and used the backpacks). Now they will sit for a nice long afternoon walk and let Mama get some real exercise. They even give little shows to the passing houses and cars. Here is Mason playing the harmonica while Owen looks on. I swear, he is playing the harmonica. He plays multiple notes and moves it back and forth....each day he gets a little better. I want to get Owen a jug so he can play along, right now he claps. The best part of it all is while playing he pulls it our of his mouth, chortles then goes right back to making notes. It is unbelievably cute and I would video it but we cannot find our old digi with video option.


Bea said...

They are too cute! I would love to hear M jammin on the harmonica, I bet he would like this video of Johnny Cash singing with Miss Piggy on Youtube, Robby loves to watch Mr. Cash playing the harmonica!

gleek said...

how fun! you should totally get them to have a jam session together :)