Wednesday, April 02, 2008

30 Days :: Eight

30 Days :: Eight

We are lucky to be involved in a great playgroup. The group meets once a week at a spectacular location, the Claremont Packing House. This recently renovated building holds great treasures; a children's clothing store with whimsical and punk rock apparel, a pretty good yarn store, artist residence lofts and the Claremont Forum. The space is open, used as a gallery and a meeting place. We gather, moms of all ages and babies of all sizes, talk and sing and play with each other. The really cool thing is there is usually some type of installation up and the kids wander about, most too young to take in the pieces, but getting exposure to art all the same. Kinda' cool, huh? And it makes me feel a little fresher when we get there. I mean, I may not be knocking back martinis at the Hip Kitty, but my kids are playing in an art gallery. Sweet.


gleek said...

it's hard to find a good place for playdates. sounds like that place is a winner!

kosenrufu mama said...

it sounds fabulous!!! it's nice to have the posibility to use such a place!!! you are lucky.
just to add, realy nice picture!!!;)