Sunday, April 13, 2008

30 Days :: Nineteen

30 Days :: Nineteen

Yesterday my niece came to be....and she is absolutely perfect in every way. My lovely sister is now the mama of a healthy baby girl. She came almost two weeks late and weighed in at sister was so patient and assured that everything was fine, she and I had a conversation this week about just knowing when our babies would be ready to be here.

MY little sister is a MAMA! SO crazy.

Friday I started this little flannel quilt blankie for K. I just felt compelled and picked all the little pink squares out of the charm packs I had just received in the morning mail, arranged them and started hand piecing the quilt top. I finished it today but was mostly done with it by the time K arrived yesterday at 2 p.m. I embroidered her initial in it with french knots indicating the date of her birth (thanks for the idea, Jennifer). Now just some machine quilting and binding and it will be ready with a little love note attached telling K how much her aunt loves her already.

The knit is going to be a felted bag to carry my latest sewing bits. Hilarious, I am knitting to support the sewing now. I had to get it in the picture because I love that this lens (yes, it is back) can actually get the brilliance of the red. And I love that red. I have had the yarn in my stash since Australia, bought it in a little shop in Melbourne while trying to teach myself knitting. The attempt was disastrous, but I kept the yarn. Now it is going towards the perfect project for it. I love that I can look at my yarn stash and it tells me a story of where we have been in the last 5 or so years. My husband collects T-shirts, I collect yarn bits.


Cari said...

Two weeks late! Oof!

Congrats to the whole family!

Gabrielle said...

I really love the quilt, it's so beautiful. Congratulations to your sister on her little girl - lovely news.

gleek said...

super cute quilt! love the pink and the sock monkeys :) did you used to live in australia? or was it just a visit? congrats to your sis on the new baby girl! and to you on being an aunt!