Friday, April 11, 2008

30 Days :: Seventeen

This is what I look like most Fridays around 3 p.m. My mother works for a TCM Doctor and I have been seeing him for years now. Initially he treated me when I would have episodes of back pain, sometimes for anxiety, other times just to balance my qi. He is a wonderfully skilled practitioner. I started seeing him when the boys were about 7 months old for PPD. It was a gut feeling I had, I did not go and get the diagnosis from my doctor as what would have followed would be a prescription for Zoloft (or something) (which I am not knocking, having used it once and found it the right thing for me at the time). So, I saw him twice a week at first, then once a week and now every other week. It is hard to describe, the feeling of 40 or so needles going into the gut (sorry for the postpartum belly, never had a six pack, but must work on that a bit). It is also hard to describe the feeling after....I feel balanced and energized and whole. I am grateful for this man and his ability to help me establish balance in this new life of mine.


Sarah-potterknitter said...

I'm so missing my treatments. It just isn't happening these days, and without a specific complaint, it's hard to make time.
On the upside, my chronic back pain has been very quite for the last year. Must have confused it with the 20 extra pounds of baby that I was wearing then and carrying now!

Zonnah said...

Btw your belly looks great for having twins!