Wednesday, April 16, 2008

30 Days :: Twenty-two


Hours spent building, knocking down, fitting into and throwing. New discoveries every day, every hour, it seems. Connections made, strengthened, practiced. Endless energy until they fall into a hard deep sleep. Until the morning. Amazing to witness. I feel so privileged.


Carrie & Brook said...

I'm enjoying the 30 days! You're almost there...or rather, they're almost there...huh? Hard to believe how fast time flies the first year.

I did a similar thing for my boys in the 12 days leading up to their 1st birthday. Each day I revisited a month. It was awesome (at least to me!) to see how much they've changed in a year.

Liz said...

They are such handsome and tall men! I love how they're working together to build a tower.

And yes, after 7 months or so it really does seem like all their development is exponential!