Monday, July 28, 2008


Feeling a little uninspired to post lately. It just seems like the time slips away and the desire to write waxes and wanes. Lots of juggling lately, crafting has been a bit disconnected, been back at work, trying to make a little extra to help with the 'here and there's
There have been a few new things collected:

Looking into a CSA program near us to simplify procuring our food. This is prompted by my immersion in The Omnivore's Dilemma. We are not vegetarian in this house, but we may be headed in that direction. If you have not heard of or thought about this book, well, you must. We have a great gift in this book...Pollan has given us a powerful tool by identifying the method of food production in this country. Read it. Nuff said.

Finished the boys' little muslin pants. Finished used loosely.
prepping for photo shoot
If you call a safety pin finishing. Played with bias binding and linen waist facing.
getting up
I am falling in love with linen. It is such a lovely fabric to work with. I want to delve into my Home Stretch (sitting on the bookshelf, unread) so I can make a few pairs of pants for the boys out of knit fabric. My sister was telling me about a serger foot she found online for her Singer. Anyone know if one is made for a Brother machine (a very cheap Brother)?

I am almost done with the kimonos and then will attempt a photo shoot with the children who should now be known as "Those that think handmade clothing burns their delicate skin'. Trying these things on has not been fun. Maybe they dislike the feel of the ties. Who knows. I promise a pic or two...somehow.

Went to the International Quilt thing at Long Beach this weekend. Without a real camera. Not smart. the quilts were amazing, but my Blackberry does them no justice. i found a pattern for a small quilt that I love. Looking forward to that. Someday.

Eating well, thanks to Soulemama. Have you a glut of squash (recipe calls for yellow, but I have a feeling any squash will do)? Try this easy lovely soup if you do. It cooks up easily and it was eaten with gusto. In my typical form, I prepared a bit more than the recipe called for. I looked at the vat and thought, waay too much. It is gone. A few hungry teens, a husband and twin boys that ate it when stirred into a bit of pasta made sure of that. And Tim asked me to make him some for his lunch. I think soup will become a mainstay round here.

You may remember my cavalier claim that I was going to attempt the Master Cleanse. Well, I am. I have assembled the necessary agents. One reason I help off was the sleep disturbance (to put it mildly). I thought it not prudent to try a cleanse on three/four hours of sleep. But I am trying to be accountable and hope to embark on it this week. Hope.

Totally jonesing to start my Knitting Olympics project. I will swatch this week. Almost finished with the Lace Ribbon Scarf I started eons ago. It looks like it will be pretty. Here's hoping.

Hmmm, guess I had more to write than I realized.
This here just because he is cute.


Nonnahs said...

I was going to ask you about the quilt show! Loving all your sewing projects - I'm going to have to start sewing more again, I see. ;) Oh and I haven't read that book yet - I'm a little afraid to, but I know it will be good for me (ha). I also want to read his other book, In Defense of Food. Wow, this is a long comment, perhaps an email would better suffice! ;) xo-S.

ps: Yes, my necklace today is from the same etsy shop. :)

LauraC said...

How timely... I just mentioned our new CSA yesterday. Jon and I have joined tons of CSAs over the years and have finally found one that suits our needs as two work-outside-the-home parents. They deliver produce to our door! The website lets us substitute anything we don't like! The fruits and vegetables come washed.

It is the best present to open the box every Tuesday with the boys and talk to them about all the organic things inside.

Love the pants. WOW!

gleek said...

mmm, i'll have to veganize that soup and get some fresh summer squash from the farmers market!

Carrie & Brook said...

Everyone is talking CSA (well, you and LauraC!). Thing 'grow' up here, but it's not like in Oregon--there were many CSAs down there and you could choose based on a miriad of options in growing/variety, etc.

Again, I can't see the photos at work (blocked), but I am sure your crafts are amazing!


Lola and Ava said...

We (the sister and I) both joined CSAs this year and have been fairly happy. I love ours for the selection and last night's dinner was completely CSA: chicken, corn on the cob, and yellow squash - all organic. Plus, mine sells alpaca yarn for a decent price since they raise the animals.