Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Color of our Day

I opened the box and I was instantly transported by the smell.
their first
I felt my hand grasping a color and rubbing it back and forth, the telltale scent coming to my nose as I tried to get the shade I desired and stay in the lines and plan ahead for the color change I envisioned for the bottom of her dress...I remembered. The feeling of childhood. It is not a feeling I get often.
I saw the box on sale at Target, a mere 2$. A bit of overkill for children just over one, more for me to enjoy the sensation and watch as they discovered. Endless color choices, the fresh points at attention.

They dove right in, their less baby-like hands trying to get at them.
Mason pulled three and immediately started eating one,
he eats it all
then exploring the other two, one in each hand, an endearing trait that persists to this day, whether toy or snack (the kid always has to be so busy, wonder where that came from). Owen sat down next to the box, pulled a color, scribbled around a bit and promptly attempted to return it to it's proper place.
And he continued this for at least 20 minutes. And he tried to replace all the discarded ones Mason left strewn aside. That would be from his daddy, I like order but I am not so great at the execution of said order.
put it back

I watched, fascinated by their fascination. I watched as they played with these new things, these colorful bits that will transport them someday when they open the first box for their own. I wonder if this memory will flood their minds, the balmy sunny summer morning when they first found Crayons.

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