Thursday, September 18, 2008

i am so desperately in love with my boys. Can I just say, this gig is great. I have been trying to up my patient case load for the last few weeks, just to ow it would go. I tyold myself I would go back to work when they were 6 months, 12 months, maybe 18 months. Back to work is relative as I have been working but, like, real work. And you know what, everytime I try to organize it so that I can work more...well, I let it fall through. Because I love this job. My Mama time job.

There is something so wonderful about being witness. I found a fun red wagon a few weeks back at our resale shop and snatched it up. Since then it has become the star attraction for both boys. The other day Owen sat in it for 30 minutes with his Matchbox car in his mouth and his water bottle in his hand, just chilling. They spend inordinate amounts of time opening the door, getting out, then climbing back in. They jostle, sometimes outright push, but usually the peace is kept due to two bench seats. I love the wagon, but I love their fascination with it more.

Being witness means so many things these days. There are times when I realize I have sang 20 silly songs, counted to ten at least thirty three times, pointed up at airplanes in the sky over 40 times and then ran Matchbox cars over every surface of the house and every surface of my body and called this a day. A working day. And a pretty hard one at that.

I love my boys. I love their shrill screams and their constant abbling, their attempts at communication that range from the caveman to the actually intelligible. I love their curiosity, the way they stamp their feet when the totally inapproriate MIA song comes on and the way we dance and laugh and tackle.

Over the weekend on my Girls Night Out I took a stroll around the resort pool, a huge complex. I was with the only other Mama and it was the morning of the second day, hour before we head back home. We ended up at the kid's section, trying not to look like stalkers but unable to resist the hollers and joyful laughter. I wanted to tell all the other parents that we were one of them and that we would love to ride down the water slide with our boys. We talked bout vacations together next year with the kids and I could not have been more excited. Because as stellar as my time away was, it made me realize that nothing out there can hold a candle to my life as it is now.

Like I said, the greatest gig ever.

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brook said...

hello there mamie (i assume this is not your real name, but could be!)

it was so, so nice to meet you yesterday in person!! a very happy accident. i was thinking all the time you were in the store that you were so familiar to me..... i love how the universe works sometimes. :) your boys are soooo adorable and fun to have around. i hope your santa barbara trip was fabulous and i hope when you come back up we can knit or something......