Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend :: Part I

I am tackling the weekend in a two part post because it was that epic. I am sitting here and thinking I have to write, despite an aching back screaming for a heating pad and a very tired mind from all of the activity.

We moved (one) of my baby brothers out this weekend, off to UCSB to start his journey as a young fairly independent college student far enough from home to not be able to get back for the night. He was beyond excited, but I could see the apprehension build as the weekend approached.
welcome to SB
I suggested that we tag along to help with the move in, not sure how helpful it is to have two toddlers, but I so wanted to be there. I was with my Mama when he came into the world, it felt right to help him move out to start this new chapter.

We had a really great drive up, surprising to me as I anticipated some car melt downs in the two hour time span. I was stunned by his dorm situation. The kid lives a two minute walk from the beach, his building has a balcony overlooking a lagoon and he scored a corner room with light and fresh air that stream in.
It was hard to believe that we were going to leave him there, but it went alright. I even got out of there without crying. And it was a joy to watch my boys run up and down his dorm halls, breaking in the floor to the fact that he might have some very uncool older siblings with two babies crashing on his dorm floor. Well, probably not, Tim and I are too old to crash out on floors now, but the babies were a hit on campus.
the boys
And I am in awe that my baby brother will be receiving his college education in the most gorgeous place on earth. I am so happy for him. Now let's just hope he stays focused and spends more time studying than hanging out at the pool steps from his dorm. Yes, I said pool. I ask myself why I went to NYC for school when I could have been here.
the view

After we reluctantly left the campus, we headed into SB proper to do a little walking and window shopping.
I had a slightly devious plan to get Tim and the boys into the downtown area so I could casually direct us to the three yarn stores I looked up on Ravelry before we headed out. Such a bad Mama. But it was not to be, the boys were in full melt mode and we were all a bit out of it.
the fig
We ended up parking by the giant famous fig tree and saddling the boys up in the much too small backpacks. After a few pictures, I realized we were not too far from one of the shops I had found, I consulted my sketched out map and everyone was nice enough to come along as I think they thought Mama was close to melting a bit herself.

We ended up on the loveliest of streets, a few down from the unbearably busy State St. It was a quiet cottage lined street and I thought my directions were wrong due to the residential feel. But we came upon the Loop and Leaf and my heart skipped a bit because it was just gorgeous. See?
I promised to not be too long and slipped in, leaving the babies outside with the big boys (Tim and my (other) brother). This place is heaven for knitters and they carry Habu. I just about fainted. And then I heard the babies inside and freaked out because the havoc, oh, the havoc they wreak with my yarn at home. But all was well because in the small room to the side of all the yarny goodness was a comfortable room with a couch, coffee and toys galore.
they have toys
The boys blissed out on the new toys and I blissed out on the yarn. The owner Celeste was the one to bring the babies in (she has a little one) and we talked about Habu and blogs (so weird how knitting and blogs are completely intertwined, it must sound like a foreign language). And I talked with the other woman working there about twins and yarn and portland, OR. And then it happened...I asked Celeste if I could blog some pictures, she asked my blog, and Brook, who had just rang up my modest purchase (of habu Silk/Stainless steel yarn) said, You are Mamie? Because, get this, a few weeks ago I responded to a great comment and she happened to live in SB and I happened to mention I was heading that way and then we both kinda' had that blogging connection when we were like, we should meet up some time if we get a all know the initial feeling of "I think I would like this person IRL".

But it just so happened the one shop we made it to, the one I picked randomly, not only held some of the most wonderful yarn, not only had a knitting group going that welcomed my slightly hysterical children and even played with them, it also held a person that I know now I am destined to see again.
Brook, my commenter, was also the same woman I had been talking to about the shop, twins, Portland, etc. We ended up hugging and forgetting to take a picture together (I am such a bad blogger) but I am going to make it a point to get up there again just to sit and talk and knit in that place. And if you are near you should too. It is awesome and they are having a trunk show for Habu yarns next weekend.
Go if you can and say hi to Brook and Celeste, believe me, you want to knit in this place.

We ended the day in dismal L.A. traffic way past the babies bedtime (what is up with L.A. having the crappiest drivers in the world? The whole world..I swear. They brake when the freeway curves. Dorks). You can see the set of SB pictures here. I cannot wait to get back. It is so great to know a place we once loved visiting is now accessible again, babies in tow.

Part II will feature Sunday's party schedule : a baby shower and a baby's 1st birthday party. Now I am out. Gotta' get back to latest knit project...I am loving my fair isle right now.


pinkurocks said...

Sounds like a great weekend! SoCal is so pretty and that yarn store looks's been a while since I've bought yarn. BTW, can I ask what backpack carriers you guys use? They look really comfy....and I love that the boys can look out - Jake is always leaning to one side to try and see out!!!

Gabrielle said...

So glad you got to go into your yarn shop and that it turned out to be such a wonderful experience! If only all craft shops were like that!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love when I find yarn stores that are cozy and charming! I also have to ask you which backpack carriers you are using. Mark desperately wants one and I'd love to surprise him with one.

P.S. We also have the "I do all my own stunts shirt." :)

brook said...

it's great how things like that work out sometimes. i would love if you would come up again and we could knit. hugs, brook

p.s. i don't mind the picture. ;) next time we do need to get one of both of us.....

p.p.s. here is my email: brook at

gleek said...

i love the photos on this post! looks like a fun and beautiful weekend!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how fun! glad you guys are doing so well. ;) love the pics! hope your baby brother fares well!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

First off, I read the blog, but couldn't see the wagon photos until now...ADORABLE!!

I love that you used the word 'epic'. :)

Part 1 sounds quite cool---you're famous!

What type of backpack is that? It doesn't look like any I've seen before up this way.

Can't wait for Part 2!

P.S. The Bunnies are part of our 'weaning off the red box' technique. They were addicted to the small (MUST be the small!) boxed raisins. I bought the organic sunmaid type at Costco (in the big bag) and they would NOT go for it. Picky, picky, picky!

RaJen said...

gotta know about the backpacks in this photo. the bjorn front carriers are getting too damn heavy once the babies are in them.