Monday, October 13, 2008


Autumn days are passing quickly and I am trying to savor the moments. It has been beautiful this Fall, weather cooling and golden light just barely lingering. I love sweater weather. Though it keeps coming and going here; cold, then hot, then cold again.

Here we are in a weekend excursion to the Cal Poly Farm store.
Pumpkin Patch Time
If you live nearby, please go to check it out. It is open to the public year round, has local produce for the most part (including local bulk honey, bring your own bear if you can) and the grounds are full of interesting nooks and crannies for the little people to check out. We actually went a week early and the pumpkin patch was not open to the public. It proved to be a blessing as we were able to slip the boys under the fence and get some shots of them (without folks in the background).

I love the new features I am finding on FLickr. The slideshow is great and the corner rounding of the pictures can be done via their editing tool Piknik.

Hope you are finding this Fall to be delicious and that you can savor your moments; with little ones, with yourself, with your families.

And for my knitting readers : Bandwagon (aka February Lady Sweater) is done, needs buttons and some loose ends woven in. Now just to get some golden light shots to upload and add to the thousands of others on Ravelry.

Hmmm, not crazy about the rounded corners on Blogger...any one have a suggestion for a good app/tool for know I am talking to you, Steph ;)


Anonymous said...

Aw, the pumpkin patch looks like so much fun! This hot-cold-hot weather you speak of is so.annoying. But, fall is nice, for sure.

I'm not sure about the rounded corners- I haven't had that come up with Blogger yet.

LauraC said...

Gorgeous photos as always!

Our weather won't stay fall-like. Forecast is 85+ for the next five days. I think this will go down as the longest summer ever!

Kate said...

Cannot wait for sweater weather to hit the deep south! A few more months yet......

The pictures are beautiful and the boys are precious.

Claroux said...

LOVE the photos! The barrette is priceless too - I WISH I could get my girls to wear barrettes - I'm actually jealous. We're doing the pumpkin patch either this weekend or maybe on the 26th - their second (WOW) birthday. This is my favorite time of year! The leaves are really changing now and this morning was beautiful on my drive in to work. I drive through miles and miles of cranberry bogs and the mist coming off the bogs while they were harvesting combined with the leaves was such a beautiful sight! I think I'm bringing my camera for the commute tomorrow!

cinnamongirl said...

You look just like your mama in the picture with the boys. Beautiful.

kat coyle said...

hey that pumpkin patch is awesome. i'm going to try and take felix out there. he will love it!