Thursday, October 09, 2008

Such a Twit

I so do not need to be anywhere else on the internets. But I went and did it. I joined Twitter and I am loving the fact that I finally did. If you have yet to hear about Twitter, you can find out more about it here. But basically it is another way to stay connected and almost mini-blog from your phone if you so choose. And I so choose.

I first found Twitter due to Aimee at Put Your Flare On...she did it a lot in the early days of her little boy's life and I loved hearing the quick updates. Then I followed it a few times here and there. And then I joined in the fun. If you are so inclined, go and sign up and add me on to your followers. I am here.

And if you are on and I have not found you let me know your Twitter name and then we can Tweet together.

My main use is to put in quick updates on the crazy things my children have been doing lately (crazy, I tell you). But here is just a little picture of where I found a little boy the other day, in my son's crib, no less. Where did my babies go? I really cannot tell you.


Sleeping In

And the other boy (Please excuse the ubiquitous Dot in the mouth. They are obsessed and I feel not the need to fight them.)(And what is up with the monk's tonsure...gotta' work on the hair).

What's going on?

And the two of them together.


So, anyway, come and Tweet. It is loads of fun. Just make sure you have unlimited texting or you will be in trouble if you turn your phone on.


Dawn Johnson said...

So I shouldn't tell you about then should I? ;)

Anonymous said...

I am pixiepurls on twitter.

Those are the sweetest photos. I adore sleeping babies!

If I tried to photograph BG she would wake up immediatly, she is a very light sleeper.

Anonymous said...

They are getting so big! So cute!

Okay, so I'm a little afraid of Twitter. You'll have to explain it to me the next time we get together!

gleek said...

ah good! thanks for posting about twitter! you followed me and then i forgot to follow you back! (they should make that easier.) your boys are adorable. i do not fight the pacifier for sleep. she'll give it up someday, i'm sure.