Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And the saga continues.

Here at the Yatez house we have had one challenging time when it comes to teething. Mason has been teething since he was 4 months old and he does not do it gracefully. It has ushered in some of the worst periods, from prolonged night wakings to biting. So, you can imagine my relief when I watched as his unusually sharp and large canines finally pushed their way through and filled in his cute smile. And I sighed a breath of relief as I now would have some respite from this long saga of teething. I mean, what else was there but the two year molars and well, he is only 18 months.

I think you can see where this is going. The other day I noticed he was getting really agitated and drooly and would not relinquish his dot for the life of me or him or any other thing in the room. So, I did a quick swipe. He has always been okay with my fingers in his mouth as long as I am giving the look that says, "absolutely no biting" and well, what did I find...on the bottom right side the tell tale swelling indicating he was going to get something there. The thing is, he started teething his first molars the day he turned one. And it took 4 months for them to finish. Four, people. So, I sit here, alternately shuddering at the thought of the next 6 months (the kid seems to take things literally so I anticipate it will take the 6 months to get them in, just so he does not violate the 2 year molar rule) and then just feeling resigned to getting it over with. I mean, once they are in there is nothing else to push through and we can get on the the real business of behavioral disturbances, mainly the terrible twos. Yippee.
Melting Mace

You have to understand, the Mace when teething is such a volatile and mercurial child. I love him, but everything about him is amplified. He is not inconsolable and does not cling, but he is frustrated and more aggressive, he sleeps terribly and looks like he is going on nightly benders at the neighborhood dive bar. He pushes me to the point where I feel really fragile as a Mama. The thought of all this happening while trying to do holiday travel and juggle holiday obligations and, oh yeah, take care of his twin brother, well, daunting right now.
Icees for teething
Icees for teething. At least the weather is obliging and staying in the 80s. Happy holidays.

Owen is teething too, but he takes it much more in stride. I can tell he is hurting, but it does not phase him overly much as long as he gets his Hyland tablets (which he is currently obsessed with trying to eat at every opportunity)(BTW: per Hyland it takes a few bottles to give any adverse side effects...but still keep them out of reach of prying fingers)(it was only a few in the bottom that time, okay? I am a good mama, I swear).
Watching Stan

Well, gonna go now, I have been listening to him complain for the last 45 minutes of his very short very disturbed nap. You know, the only one he takes since they are down to one nap. You know the one that helps me reset in order to do all the things required from 2 until 11 or god know when because I have not been sleeping because he has not been sleeping. I know, cry me a river....we all go through it. I just wish I would have had a few more months of my non-teething Mason. I do like him so.


annie said...

And I thought I was the only one waiting for a tooth to come through, bad nights and all. But "ours" has been at work only for three weeks now. So thinkin about you over there. Thanks for sharing. Your boys look lovely still.

Pixie Purls said...

I am sorry it's so hard, and it IS hard no matter how much we tell ourselves "oh im just being whiney'. IT IS HARD!! I thought going back to work and all that had been pretty damn easy until sydney got sick for the entire time.

I hope your husband helps out a lot, when my husband doesn't it makes things about 93824908234 time worse. He has his bad days too (sometimes bad weeks). We just keep on keeping on!

Goddess in Progress said...

Ooh, yeah. I feel your pain, girl. I have nothing to offer but a hearty "good luck."

gleek said...

oh hugs! you poor thing. i wish they could all be born with teeth. wouldn't that be great?! teething in the womb.. none of this nightwaking stuff.

anyway, keep the tylenol handy!

LauraC said...

Your description of his teething is absolutely perfect.

I just found a molar poking through in Alex. The last 4 teeth are on their way! I predict no sleep the next month or so.

sweetpea16 said...

Poor babies... the lot of you!!! I hope that these teeth will come through fast & easy.

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Aye carumba! My boys make it well known when teeth are coming in as well. It is just not a good time for kids or parents. And I feel your pain. But 18 months...and he's already on his 2year molars? Whoah. My thoughts are with you, my friend.

The canines are what are currently hitting us hard. Hylands bottles are being emptied left and right...and I have about a million stupid little Motrin doseage caps in my drawer. At least they make good yogurt holders for dipping.

Kate said...

Yuck! So sorry that he is having such a hard time. One reason that God made them so darn cute is that it keeps the temptation to smother them at times like this at bay.

Cara said...

Thank you for your comment and commiseration! I'm sorry your boy is having a rough time of it. I think our problems are teeth as well since Meli hasn't cut any yet. I always think they're coming and then they don't. Bleh. Good luck to all of us! It's a good think these babies are so freaking cute!

Alisa said...

I do not miss those days. Looking at your cute boys, I thought I did. Reading your blog, I know I don't. Yikes. The good news is that it passes, quicker than you can imagine right now, the bad news is they hit the age of 11. Quicker than you can imagine.
Teething is easier than 11, most days.
Hang in there, tough mama.

Preeti said...

My older one is going to have a few teeth knocked out before braces - ouch and the baby is teething - ouch again!! No rest for the weary that's for sure! Sending hugs your way!!

jeloca said...

I am SO not looking forwards for the other 4 molars to come in! At least, while cranky, he looks adorable in his turkey onesie!

p.s. my son also has the yellow Nuby sippy cup and loves walking around holding it in his teeth so his hands are free. That photo really made me smile!