Monday, December 01, 2008

The Knits are Marching On

I really fell hard for this sweater when I first spotted it in the Ravelry world.
I have missed the mark so many times with knitted sweaters, forgetting to take into account that I have some pretty curvy curves or that 100% baby alpaca will never be worn in Southern California, even when knitted on size 3 needles. I love knitting them, but apparently cannot quite figure out the wearing of them.

Then I knit the February Lady Sweater and my confidence in knitting for self ramped up a bit. I love that sweater and it has seen heavy use in the last few weeks and is still very beloved, despite the tendency of the Venezia to pill. Still, so pretty. If you have not joined the fanatic devotees yet check out Gleek's with mandarin collar. Sexy and restrained. Awesome.

So, I felt optimistic about trying Shalom (rav). Sure, it was with stash yarn in a completely different gauge with a different needle size and the yarn was kinda' fuzzy. I have had this yarn (10 balls) since a Tahoe trip years ago, the first when we were actually monied enough to stay in a condo for a night and ride the lifts all day (with mountain bikes, not snowboards, we were not that monied, people) (Still aren't). I found the yarn in a little shop and spent a few minutes fondling it and not knowing at all what to do with it. There was a test knit cardi in the shop, very staid, not my style, but the yarn made me happy. So I bought it and it sat for a very long time.
Shalom, with water spill

I am happy to say I do not regret the purchase,
or my modifications, or knitting it because wearing it has been awesome. It is perfect alone, with a long sleeve, or layered under a down jacket. It is just about my most favorit-est knit ever ever.
I cannot believe the ease of the pattern, designed to adapt to different gauges, easy to wear and really easy to knit. You need the basics: knowledge of increases, of knit/purl, of knitting thru the back loop. And you need this sweater.

It came together in 7 or so days. It has been worn about the same amount so far. I am plotting how I an justify knitting another. It is that good people.
Shalom layered with child

And lest you think I have abandoned the Christmas gifting plan...this little number just came off the needles.
'As you go' fair isle
It is an improvised design with more stash yarn (this knitting from stash feels awesome). It is loved but I find knitting fair isle with more than two colors a bit tedious due to the yarn tangling issues. And I really have to work in my end of round issues, eek. Still loved though. Check.
'As you go' fair isle

Now how many more gifts need knitting? I am almost afraid to look at the board. Good luck in all of your handmade endeavors. The countdown has begun.


Anonymous said...

It turned out so great! I feel like we were just together and you were starting it. Enjoy it (and knit another) - it looks fabulous!

Also loving that colorwork- fun!

Alisa said...

Lovely! You are motivating me to step up the learning curve so I can make such yummy sweaters. The main reasons I wanted to learn to knit, sweaters and socks.
You make it sound so easy as well.

Preeti said...

This sweater turned out perfect and you look lovely in it:)

Katie said...

The sweater's beautiful! And it looks like you guys had a great (and delicious) Thanksgiving ~ I was in the Tahoe area for a few days, sorry I didn't get in touch with you, it would have been fun to meet! I'll be up there again for a few days in late December and mid January, you?

Knitterista said...

the cardigan is now in my queue thank you very much! love it!