Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not So Good

Why, hello there, blog world. Been missing you something awful but bad things have been afoot here. Very sick people are inhabiting our house right now, in the form of small toddlers and one very beleaguered Mama. It is not a good sickness, full of green snot endlessly running out of everyone's noses and head splitting pain that just will not let up.
sick baby
Ack, I curse myself for the thought I had last week when I mentally rejoiced in my children's hardy nature. So, Murphy, now you have invaded my mind, eh?

Add to that my crafting mojo starting to wane and my sadness over a returned lens, and well, we have little to blog about now, don't we? Except maybe this poor me post.

I piled up the Christmas gifts I have been hard at work on since August and the pile seems so dismally small.
close up
I love them all, but handknit bits do not take up the same amount of space a ride on fire engine and a flat screen TV might, you know? It just looks like so little for so much work. I am sure they will be received well, but dang, where is the WOW! factor.

And though the house is decorated and the stockings hung on the wall with care (because there are eight or so) I am lamenting a busted oven that my brother has been working on and sinking money into (thanks Alon) and it still won't give me cookies. I need some cookies, people.

Well, sorry for the Debbie Downer day, I promise to be up and running in normal Amiee mode once my head had returned from the Land of Tiny Cranial Pounding Elves and I get a few decent shots with the 50 mm that I do so love, just not as much as I once did.

Here is a cute series of our trip to a huge bounce house place before the sickness hit the home, the boys first experience in the Land of GIANT Jumpers. I was scared on the slide, Owen wanted to do it himself, Tim burned his elbow bad, and Mason screamed the whole time.
no way
up up up
i'm scared, he is not

I did get these done and in the mail through the haze of sick headedness.
done for the season
Hope I included the actual cards in those hand addressed envelopes. I love Costco, 50 cards for 16 dollars. My kinda store. I will try to post the finished card at some point. A huge thanks to my lovely ladies that sent me corrected pictures sans strap, you made my week last week when I was riding high already. Now, can ya'll send me some cookies and I will feel much better.

Hoping for happier times so we can go and visit the train next door, our newest after dark tradition.
the train next door


Sarah-potterknitter said...

Sending lots of sympathy since cookies would probably be stale by the time they crossed the country. My little boy is just a little snotty, my big boy however has got something similar to what you guys have sounds like. Why do men become boys as soon as they get sick??

LauraC said...

Sorry to hear the whole family is out of commission.

I did want to pop on and say that when anyone handmakes me something it is a much bigger WOW than any other gift. Because it takes heart and time and thought and patience.

And unfortunately for me, Jon feels the same bc the very first thing I ever knit was a scarf for him and it is SO ugly and SO horrible and he always wears it. So that is on my list for 2009 - make Jon a real scarf with beautiful yarn and better stitches.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you guys are all so sick. If you can wait till you get up here, I will bake whatever kind of cookies you want!(And maybe a little medicine in your hot chocolate.) It's going to snow this week-end up here, about the same time Nick will be putting our outside decorations up. Take care, and drink your herbal tea and rest up whenever you can.

Mona said...

I am not anonymous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you guys are sick. :( Hang in there, mama, and feel better soon! xo-S.

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Ohhh...not good. Sorry to hear about the sickies at your casa. I hope that everyone is on the mend soon.

The slide photos are wonderful. We recently had a place like that open up in Anchorage...maybe we'll have to check it out one of these weekends.

Get well soon!