Wednesday, January 28, 2009

52 Weeks :: Squared

So, this weekend I was talking with Tim and we were discussing photography and our camera and all the bits we would love to buy to add onto our digital equipment (expensive little bits all). I mentioned the 52 week project and showed him where I was at. He often browses Flickr and catches up on the blog, but I was not sure if he knew I was adding this to my long list of yearly projects. And then I thought to ask if he would do it with me. And he said yes. He takes most of the really good pictures you see (I have to credit him more often when I use his photos on the blog) and he loves being behind the camera taking pictures of the boys. And her.
Our Mishka

But now I am excited to watch him explore being in front of the lens a bit. I think it will be cool to go back and see what the year held for each of us and how we interpret each week. Here is his first.
52 Weeks :: Him :: One

There is a lot of beard there as last week he spent most of it curled into a wretched ball, battling whatever bug the boys brought home this week from Kiddie Care at the gym. I like it. Not the bugs, the beard.

And mine for the week. Hiking with the boys on a brisk Monday morning.
52 Weeks :: Her :: Four

Tried a few timed shots, but I need some practice on the whole focus thing with the SLR. The hike was great, the boys and I conquered a switchback I once used to bomb on my mountain bike. But I think I like this just as much.

A little funny story. I ditched our double BOB at the base of the switchback to let the boys out to hike. Well, a quarter of the way up I started to hear voices from an upper trail, shouting "Are you okay? Do you need help?". The local hiking club was out in force and had spotted the abandoned BOB and must have thought we were in trouble. I shouted back that we were fine and a few minutes later emerged from the trees to see a bunch of seniors gaping at me for hiking with toddlers. Whatever. They have to learn somehow, right? But I loved their concern. Good folks round here.

Now, back to the boys, some seed planting and completion of a few projects I have been slowly working on.

I joined this challenge and have a specific project I want to complete for January, before the heat hits us again. Sewing has been a little slow, but I think I am getting my rhythm back at the machine. We will see.


Anonymous said...

So cool that Tim is doing the project, too! and you're right- it'll be neat to look back at each of your SPs throughout the year. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh those pictures of the dog are gorgeous!!! Do you take the b&w pics with the b&w setting on your camera or do you 'transform' them using some kind of software? Every time I see your b&w pictures I think to myself that I need to take more of those... as I never do :)

Emilee said...

Your dogs are so beautiful! I wish I learned how to sew. Then I could sew myself up some knitting needle holders! Hehe

Nicole said...

I've been dreaming of new parts of my camera as well. As Soph (and my baby bump) grow I feel more and more of photographic pull. I just can't get enough shots of the girl!

I'm excited to watch your evolution this year. 52 weeks is a great project. Best of luck to you and the bearded man :)

Nicole said...

By the way, Mother Nature just dumped 6 inches of snow and about an inch of sleet on us....I'm jealous of your hiking weather!