Friday, January 30, 2009

F4F :: Baby Gifting

Of late in this post holiday season, I have fallen hard for baby knitting for so many reasons. Fast, cheap (you can use up every bit of your stash) and the teeny things that result are beyond adorable. I have many lovely pregnant friends on which to shower the endless procession of tiny knits coming off of the needles. This is a good thing as we do not need to leave the stuff lying around, reminding me of how frikin' cute tiny babies are. Thank you, my Picasa files do that for me nightly.

The other part is I truly believe in EZ's declaration that every child should have something hand knit. It is a great way to let Mama know that I think their choice to bring a being as special as a child to us is a blessing in ways we cannot describe and only know once we have done it.

One of my favorite gift projects for Mama and Baby is this washcloth in all of its glorious versions.
Baby Feet Cloth

It is a classic, made from 100% cotton and very user friendly. And one thing I know is that new babies use washcloths. This can be done in the ubiquitously cute 'Baby Feet" pattern, but I have taken to knitting up an initialized version if the parents disclose the baby name.
Warsh rag

This one is for Baby Hayden, with an L for her big sister London. I wanted to make sure London was included, as big sister she can 'read' the letters to her little sister someday. I think these washcloths will last that long.

I use the Lily cotton Sugar n Cream for these projects.
For Sisters

Joann/Michaels carry a small assortment, but the colors are fairly insipid and uninspiring. Instead, if you have a good amount of washcloths to knit, you might order here. The color selection is amazing, price very good and shipping reasonable. I ordered from them over two years ago and just ran out.

I used this yarn for the first knitting project post (truly during as I started to knit the washcloth during prep for Csection) Beans

and it has been used and abused and wrung and wiped and washed and still holds up and does its job. Novice knitters, pick up the Mason Dixon book. Oldie but goodie. These two projects could use up any stash left after knitting up your best friend's baby's name-to-be in washcloths (I did it for my sister, the intent was to give her a stack of washcloths. She hung them over the baby's crib. But she will use them someday. I know it).

The other project on the needles is one dear to my heart. The BSJ. You hardcore knitters know what that stands for. It is not done yet because I am savoring the knit. This is the best mind boggling knit ever.
BSJ in Cherry Tree Supersock

It was my first EZ project and will possibly be reincarnated for the toddler boys I now own. Because have you seen this? Ack. Adorableness. And is it weird I just called knitters hardcore? I shudder to think of my not knit friends reading this.

I will make sure to do a photo shoot of the BSJ (stands for Baby Surprise Jacket for you not in the know). Because it is a marvelous invention by a woman I would quite literally have to die to meet. I do wish Elizabeth Zimmerman was still here just to hear her sassy speak in person. Oh, well, I will have to let the Yarn Harlot fill in that space in my lifetime.

So, have some babies coming your way? Get cracking with the needles. And if you do not knit, why don't you sew up a pair of these?
Dragon Pants

My latest pair(s) for the boys, soft flannel full of dragons that they roar at when they spot them, which is frequently as they are wearing them on their pants. My favorite part of making them was when they were clamoring to put them on after I sewed the seams up. They like me. Oh, they really really like me.
Dragon Pants
Happy Friday all, it has been a week that started high, but has ended low for me. Do me a favor? Hug a lot of people this weekend, any you can get your hands on. Because you just don't know. Love.


jillian said...

Ack, I am falling over from the cuteness! I love that baby feet washcloth. must go find it on Ravelry!

Goddess in Progress said...

Oooh ooh, I love it! I was just going through my yarn stash, and one of my very good friends is pregnant. I'd better get cracking...

LauraC said...

So sorry to hear this week is ending bad. I'll do lots and lots of hugging this weekend.

Threeundertwo said...

I'm sorry to hear your week isn't ending well.

Love the washcloths - wish I had a baby to knit for! The pregnant friends seem to come in waves and there are none on the horizon at present.

LOVE that dragon fabric! Too cute.

Cheryl Lage said...

AGOG. 100% agog at your gift.

As recently unlapsed crocheter who after many efforts over the past 3 decades has NEVER mastered even a straight knit scarf without the string betwixt my needles mysteriously elongating wider than my armspan, I salute and envy you.
(and the recipients of your handiwork.)

[And like you, praying for Tuesday and her family. Unknowable the emotions that family is experiencing. I am crushed and saddened.]

Dawn Johnson Warren said...

I have a special hug for you because I know we are sharing special prayers for special people together. Take good care of yourself and your beautiful family.

Elizabeth said...

Those washclothes are such a great gift. I like how you give advice to fledgling knitters.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've always loved that feet pattern. Where did you get that drago fabirc? I love it, even a girl could wear that. Every saturday sydney and I watch Jane & the Dragon on NBC morning cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Yay, baby knitting! No doubt I will be obsessed with this for the forseeable future! Oh, and those pants- love!