Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flare Fridays

A few months ago I started reading the blog of maine momma. I have seen many of her photos and always love the perspective and the light, the subjects rock (a lot of times her kids, but also wonderful objects and landscapes). And the Flare. Oh, the flare. There is a Flickr group devoted to it.

I decided to fore go finishing this week for some good old flare. Weather predictions were for a wet and stormy weekend so we spent much of yesterday outside, in the yard, coloring and digging, climbing and coloring some more. I love the way they embrace making lines and swirls and circles, sharing paper and scheming to get a mark on the wall or window when I turn away. What is up with the graffiti tendencies in small children? Or is it just my little hooligans?


Hope you can find a flare for yourself. Turn the camera to the sun, point down a bit and see what you get. You might be surprised at the image you capture.

And have yourself a lovely weekend. Promise I will be back with some finished bits soon. It is all coming together, albeit a bit slower than I thought.

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Patricia said...

Love the flare! I need to try this.