Monday, March 16, 2009

Mammoth : Check.

It might not be everyone's idea of a romantic getaway.
Mammoth Trip
Small cabin on outskirts of mountain town, lights but no heat, down comforters and bags for warmth and bathrooms a walk away. But it was always ours. Tim and I have always been frugal, not luxury travelers. We decided to try our first weekend away, a visit to our favorite spot the way we used to do it, alone together, just us. Before the kids we would do the drive to Mammoth, grab this cabin and either snowboard or bike the weekend away. It has been three years since we last used it and it felt like high time to check on our little friend.

It was a great idea, and though the nights and days turned out spectacularly cold (we woke Saturday to ice floating in our water bottles inside the cabin), it was everything we needed and hoped for.

A easy day of discounted riding, getting the feel of the board back, laughing at my total loss of directional sense on the mountain (Tim, traverse!) and then a good long soak in the hot tub slope side.
The porch

A few beers on our front porch, talking about photography and work and kids and politics, all while sewing (he swears it does not bother him and I am helpless to leave hands idle).
Porch activities

And then a sunset photo session,
Mammoth Trip

freezing our *sses off and laughing in the wild wind because we were a little tipsy and our lips were turning blue, but we wanted to keep taking pictures.


A sneak into the small quiet lodge, where we stole moments by the fire and watched the apres ski folk laugh over 10 dollar cocktails and felt a smidge of envy knowing we had sub zero temps to return to in our little cabin in the woods.
Tamarack Lodge

And then what we thought would be a fun date before dinner, spotting the local outdoor skating rink, seeing the little four and ten year olds stumbling about. It looked so fun and we ran to get skates rented, tied them on, feeling like kids too as we wobbled towards the ice. Tim asked if they rented helmets....I wish they did.

Ice skating is unbelievably hard, especially on outdoor roughly groomed ice. We did not do so well, really badly actually. After 10 minutes of struggling to hang onto the rail and move forward, I looked up and saw Tim face down on the rink and thought he was joking around, then realized he was not moving, totally unresponsive, happened in a moment. Boom. Heart pounding, shouting at him but not moving him, asking for help, realizing how bizarre this happened here after a whole day on the mountain. Off duty fireman on the ice came to help and eventually Tim came around. A few hours later, at the ER, head CT checking out all right, all observations normal, ironic instructions to wake him up a few times in the night, we are released into the frigid night air to walk back home, our cabin blocks away from the hospital.

Not exactly how we imagined finishing our first weekend away together. And quite literally the scariest thing that has happened to us ever. Tim is fine, headache but fine. Now we are home and the pictures tell the tale of most of the day. Fun and together and quiet and not quiet. But let me tell you, I cannot do this without him. And so we will never touch ice skates again. And to think we were worried about the kids. Arg.


Goddess in Progress said...

YIKES! How scary. Oh, I'm so so glad he's OK.

Sarah-potterknitter said...

Makes my heart pound just to read it. Outdoor ice is the pits even when you have experience. Glad you're both home safely.

Shan said...

Oh good lord! Here I was thinking, oh what a lovely, romantic getaway... I'm so glad Tim is okay- but how scary!! Yes, please stay off the ice skates. Yikes!

Amy said...

Oh my! So glad that he is okay. What a scary moment that must have been for you.

lori z said...

geesh, good luck with your plans on becoming canadian if you can not go ice skating! ;)

i am glad to hear that he's ok. that must have been most scary.

your photos are quite lovely, as always.

Rubys & Purls said...

Agh! I'm so glad he's OK now. That would be so scary. My hubby passed out on me the first year we were married and scared me to death. I can imagine you were just beside yourself.

No ice skating next time, just cozy fires and romance! :)

Claroux said...

Wow! Glad that Tim is doing well! I think your romantic getaway was PERFECT! I miss "roughing it" as I used to be an avid camper. It was always a luxury to stay in a cabin such as your rather than a tent. And better way to weather the freezing temps than to snuggle up with one another! I'm jealous!!!! I've been craving a "baby moon" before the French Fry comes along but finances are ruling out anything reasonable right now. Maybe in a month or so. Wonderful post! Wonderful photos!! Wonderful!!!

LauraC said...

Wow, how scary! Glad to hear he is okay!

Sadia said...

You did an amazing job of sharing the shock of the accident. My adrenalin's still flowing! I'm so glad he's okay.

Bea said...

Oh my Lord, I'm so glad Tim is ok! Definitely stay off of those ice skates. Big hugs, I totally feel your relief!

Sereknitty said...

Oh my! That must have given you quite a fright ... no more ice skating unless you're both wearing helmuts!

Hopefully you'll be able to focus on the fabulous first part of the weekend, and eventually have a laugh at the ending.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, I'm glad he's okay--and that the rest of your weekend was more low-key. Ice skating is weirdly terrifying.

cinnamongirl said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I am so glad Tim is O.K. That will be something to laugh about in years to come...Away from the kids, worrying about them, only to find your hubby in the E.R. Well, I am so, so, SO glad you guys got to get away!! For more than 24 hours. Let's get the boys together this week! Love you mama.

t + j said...

whoa! you always surprise me with your posts, mames. smiling one second as i live vicariously through your snow adventures, concerned the next as the plot twists. so glad to hear all is right.

j and i leave for chicago in two months for our first weekend away from the boys. although our time will be filled with wedding festivities, i think it will feel so good to get away for just a bit.

Preeti said...

What a scare! Glad that he's ok and that you are both home safe. What a wonderful place that cabin looks like!

jillian said...

ohmygosh! So glad Tim of OK, so glad. Other than that, it does sound like an incredible weekend - I love close-to-nature roughing it. So relaxing.

Ice skating is much better on groomed ice, too.

brook said...

well, sounds like a very eventful trip! the cabin in the snow sounds like heaven to me.....

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Just getting caught up...

Whoah! What an incredibly scary moment that I hope you will never ever (ever!) have to see again...especially on a romantic get-away weekend! Glad to hear that he is getting better, but we'll be thinking of you and hoping that everyone is back to 100% soon.