Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Home :: GO!

Home. Home again. Feels good, feels right.
Spring in the Foothills

Same home but new routines are developing. Having Tim home for most of the last month has been revealing. We have always been very easy spending time together, weeks or months have never bothered us when in close contact. Now, it is offering so much support and time with and for each other, but also establishing new roles and responsibilities. Sharing and shifting and letting the changes happen, embracing them actually. There is a looseness and laxity to the days now that I have not felt since those days we spent traveling around Australia, not aimless but not driven. Compounded by the crazy antics of twin toddlers, of course, but it is a good compounding.

I think so much of the color of our lives depends on our perspective. Looking at this time as an opportunity makes it seem special and cherishing the time is coming easily.

I was talking to my sister this weekend, we were discussing all the changes. She
finds herself in much the same place as Tim, work hours cut until new contracts and projects solidify. We spoke of how much of our worth seems tied to our jobs, our work efforts until we step back and evaluate what is really worthwhile. And time, it then seems like a precious gift.

I remember how I felt at first when my only 'job' was the boys. Now, as I walk back into working, I see that it is all equally valid, but parenting to me is a privilege rather than a job.

I went to my workplace today to speak with my supervisor. I have been employed with them for a few years now but I work so sporadically, with very little consistent patient load. I explained my situation frankly and the reception I received there was awesome. Immediately I was given patient after patient with the reassurance of more to come. Then I opened a piece of mail from another company I once worked with, it was an invitation to dinner and to come back. This company was one I was really excited to join but due to the pregnancy and bed rest, I never really got a chance to be a true employee. But here they are, asking me to dinner.

So, I am taking this gift and running with it. I feel as if the New Year is actually being marked by the birthday of the boys and I am seeing that this is going to be a great year. A year that is going to EXPLODE with opportunity and so...

I plan on tackling the year and taking it down...
Hit It Out of the Park

But nurturing the year and helping it grow.

Now, to quote a blog author I have fallen in love with, GO!
30 Days :: April 5


Preeti said...

You go girl! This time is most precious and the way you are embracing it makes your life seem so full even with all the recent curve balls. Awed and Inspired!

LauraC said...

This is why I love reading your blog! Your attitude about life is inspiring.

cinnamongirl said...

I don't know what it is about you, mama; but your words are like a breath of fresh air to me. Your blog is like my own little self help book. The picture of the boys hugging literally brought me to tears. I love you guys so much! I am so glad things are working out the way that they are. Funny how things always work the way they are supposed to; whether you see it at the time or not. Let's get together soon. I go on a walk up to the park every day, so if you want to bring your stroller over, or meet there; let me know. P.S. I moved; AGAIN. Call me.

Luckygirl said...

OH! The picture of the baby (gosh, they aren't really babies anymore...sniff...sniff...) in the tutu dancing is adorable! I love love love it!

Bea said...

That is so exciting that you are getting some great work opportunities, it's so great that you have a career that you love! Mason and Owen are so precious, it's amazing and beautiful how much they've changed in the last two years.

gleek said...

wow, you must be so busy with the working and the boys and family life! i don't know how you do it :)