Friday, May 29, 2009

First, I have to say a big thank you to every Mama and every friend that responded to my posts about the tough parts of two. It is something that many of you have seen, that some still face in the future, but every comment about you and yours and how we actually can survive, well, it helps immensely. It is so nice to not be alone, to be heard and to be supported. I know when I stumble, when I feel overwhelmed that I can come here and put it out there and feel a community willing to say, "It is normal and it is alright", with a couple of those really nice flattering comments directed towards me and mine. So, thanks.

This end of the week post is inspired by the week. I love scanning through our photos and seeing just what the week held. There is so much to Life, so many moments caught and captured to become reminders of the blessing that is this Life. I like it, in all it's turns and twists and backwards bending, but it is easy to lose the magic amidst endless paperwork and wrangling and late nights and laundry piles. So, for my Friday I am posting a plethora of mosaics made courtesy of BigHugeLabs. Fun site, that place.

We finally found the perfect size Ukulele for the boys and gave them a late birthday present, matching blue ukes. They carry them with utter care and we rescue them from manic hands before damage is done. These are real instruments, ones I hope they will learn to play and cherish as time settles their toddler souls. We found them at the Folk Music Center, owned by Ben Harper's Mama. I always hope we will run into him there. Has not happened since high school. The big boys are the two youngest brothers, one home from college, the other getting ready to go. How we will miss them both next year.
Making music with the uncles

Then there is the garden. Growing. That is what they do, I guess. Our looks like it has finally settled in and taken root, new green coming through everyday. And enough greens to gather daily for me to have my new favorite breakfast, lightly scrambled eggs with wilted greens on whole wheat. With this Tobasco; if you love the chipotle pepper as I do, you cannot live without this condiment. And I spotted the first tomato fruit today as I caged up the thriving plants. Bring it, summer.

Tim's day at home. He remembered to switch to the 50mm lens and caught some great pictures. These remind me life is a little bit better when you let go. Falling hurts less when you are loose. And there is nothing like toddler legs. They are so unbelievably squeezable.

And last but not least. Today, during their two hour peaceful nap I had time to cut. And cut. And cut. (Yes, I said two hour peaceful nap. Thank the gods.) Into my precious Heather Ross stash. I finally have a project that will honor it. These will get pieced into a simple top for a duvet cover for their beds. Their big boy 'we are growing up' beds. I am opting for a duvet cover as they really love the cheap fluffy kid 'duvets' we scored at Ikea. They have their old blankets, but some of their loyalty has transferred to these larger blankets. And some new pillows too. So, they will have special covers featuring some of the sweetest little critters. And Tim and I are getting some Matroyska pillowcases and pillows for the bed to welcome summer.
Sewing plans

It is a good way to look back on the week just past. Time we will never have again. I wanted to share a link to a post from CafeMama. I found it via the impeccable Kate at SweetSalty. And it is such a great post, for Mamas and Daddies and people living. It is a reminder that we want and crave and need love. And moments of clarity.

The lovely Kate also provided the latest chocolate cake recipe for Tim's birthday past. It was found in this book and it was delicious.
birthday Cake
And eaten straight out of the pan as I made it tipsy and buttered but forgot to flour the pan. It was still really good. Considering we are topping out at 78 degrees daily, I think I might go and make it again. Happy weekend to you.


LauraC said...

That is why I continue to blog - for the support and help I get. It does wonders to know someone is out there who has been through it, survived, and thrived.

Plus I will need a lot of help during 3.5. I've heard that one is the worst. Start thinking of more drink recipes.

(Lovely photos, as usual.)

Sadia said...

I wish I had your (and Tim's) photographic eye. Incredible.

You weren't kidding about sharing stomping grounds! As a Claremont music geek, I spent hours in the Folk Music Center during college. I didn't realize it was owned by the Harpers; Ben Harper's sister-in-law and I were in the same major at the Claremonts at the same time. That's definitely one of the places I'm looking forward to showing my girls when I head back for my 10-year reunion.

Oh, is Somecrust still open?!

Sereknitty said...

I remember taking ukelele lessons in school when I was around 6 ... something about singing 'my dog has fleas' for tuning purposes?? Delightful photos, as always. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.