Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Return to Making

I mentioned that craft has come back into the picture. Thank god, I was starting to feel unlike my Self without it.

I started a little baby knit some time ago, it was based off of a free pattern from f.pea and it started pleasantly enough. I had a nice soft bamboo blend from our stash exchange and figured I would use my 2 mm Addi needles because that was all I could find. I believe the pattern calls for 3 mm and I think it would have made all the difference.
Slippers and Cardi for Addison

Usually a small knit flies by but this one challenged my attention and tested my perseverance. The needles were just so small. I do like the end result, the yoke has a nice firmish feel and the yarn drapes in a lovely fashion. But, egad, it took a long time to get to the end. I followed the basic pattern idea for a top down yoke and modified a few bits, like a garter edge for the hem and short sleeves as this is going to a California bebe. And it better go soon as she is growing in leaps and bounds.
Slippers and Cardi for Addison

The set is completed by the tiny booties from Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits booklet. I just love this publication. It has small simple projects that all look so pretty. The pattern for the slippers was fairly easy but did involve i cord and a few techniques that might challenge a new knitter. But in a good way. The slippers knit up in minutes and I see myself cranking out a few more pairs for all those sweet girl babies on their way.

Slippers and Cardi for Addison
I mean, ballet slippers for a can that be beat?

I had a bit of time at the sewing machine too. I have wanted my own sun hat after having success sewing them up for the boys and I had my eye on the pattern in the Simple Sewing book from Lotta Jansdotter.
Sun hat done

This is a nice book, nothing that I found terrible exciting, just clean lines and lots of bags and basics. The best part of the book is the fabric she features in her projects (this may be true of a lot of publications out there right now). I did the standard trace and cut of the paterrn pieces and admit I cast a skeptic eye before sewing. The pieces all seemed very large and prior to sewing the brim I trimmed it back a bit.
Sun hat done

I knew I should have given the crown the same treatment....once sewn up I looked a bit like a Dr Suess Cat in the Hat character. But I really love the fabric (a remnant find) and ripped here and there, chopped off some crown and ended up with a servicable hat that is a little tight but works for now. I think on my next attempt I will give myself a little more in the circumference and a little less in the brim.
Sun hat done

I like that I am starting to develop a sewing 'instinct' but think it would behoove me to actually listen to it, you know?

And one last find...a treat for myself actually. My mild to moderate obsession with all things Heather Ross has been well documented here. Her latest line of fabrics was recently released and I found the whole collection and then developed alien hand syndrome which clicked me all the way through to the Paypal button.
Heather Ross Far and Away

Whoops, that pesky hand. Actually, I read quite a few reviews on the line and could not resist. The fabric is a double cotton gauze, the feel of it is feathery soft. The prints are so sweet, and I have plans, big plans for the stacks sitting on the table.
Heather Ross Far and Away

I saw a great quilt, just my style, lots of blocks and clean lines. So, next up, a summer/early fall quilt for our bed.

Heather Ross Far and Away
I am not sure Tim is terrible jazzed about having unicorns and the princess and the pea heavily featured in our bedroom, but whatever, I live with so many males, I figure I can indulge in 'girly' once in awhile. And it is so soft that I almost want to order more for the backing. For now the alien hand I resisting. For now. But pillowcases....oh yeah, pillowcases for sure.

If I can get it in this week, there are a few more knits, a little bit more sewing and a summer recipe staple coming up.


Susannah said...

Loving ALL those fabric bundles...I need some!!


Claroux said...

I love the fabric! I love the sun hat! I love the sweater! You are so darn talented AND prolific. I may be talented but prolific I am NOT. My closet is full of unfinished projects. But I am officially home on leave now and we have about six weeks until the new French fry arrives. We are almost done with the "big girl" room and then a few adjustments and the nursery will be ready. Then I have about four glorious weeks of NOTHING - three days a week the nuggets go to school. So I plan on trying to do something with all the darn fabric. I also HATE how the aliens take over my hand and next thing I know I have neat little packages of fabric arriving at my doorstep :-) Glad you're finding time to get back into making - I'd imagine it's really difficult with working and the boys! Bravo!!! *hugs*

Sereknitty said...

Oh my, that fabric looks delicious! No wonder you couldn't resist :) I also saw that quilt pattern and thought it was perfect -- can't wait to see how yours turns out!

kristin said...

those fabrics are to swoon over! i see why you got alien hand. totally understandable! ;))

Preeti said...

Those fabric bundles look so happy and will make a beautiful quilt! I'm all for girly:)

Disentangled said...

OMG - i spent the latter half of the week debating purchasing enough princess and the pea to make some amy butler lounge pants. my mom always called me the princess and the pea and this print is just too cute!! (un)fortunately for me, it was sold out before i had a chance to make my decision ;) oh well!

Em Natural said...

Love it love it love it! Beautiful knitting Amiee! So i have totally been eyeing heather ross's new fabric..princess and the favo ever. So glad you got some can't wait to see whatcha do with it! Love you so much!

f. pea said...

What a delicious post! I am drooling over the photos of fabric stacks on those bright blue chairs. Great job with the cardi!