Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fragments :: My Idle Hands

Laying in the dappled sun. No work for my idle hands.

Walking past the children's tent and finding a pull to work my hands. Lift and chase.

Em says I need a shirt that says "I am a Mama of twins (just not right now)".

Where is my badge of Motherhood? Do I wear it in the soft roll folding lightly over the edge of my band of jeans? Or in the voice proclaiming my ownership of them (just not right now)?

I am uncomfortable and yet not. Finding the moments to revel in idle hands and finding that might not be my strength.

There was not much crafting in my hands this weekend, despite packed projects. There was helping and hooping and drinking and sleeping in a tent (rather, not sleeping). There was festival food and pen in hand and dreaming. And now I am just looking forward a bit to the road home. Bonus that Kayda is coming down with us. And both sisters. Mmmm hmmm. That is how to end a vacation. Take the family with you.

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Anonymous said...

That's really gorgeous, A--writing and trip both :)