Monday, June 15, 2009

The Silver Lining

Oh, June, you are throwing me for a loop. We have been experiencing a lot of the classic "June Gloom" weather out here, more than we have had in years. The days dawn grey and cool and misty and stay that way, lately there has only been a peek of sunshine late in the afternoon.

I am ashamed to admit I have grown really weary (actually cranky) due to the recent weather pattern. I know that the 100 degree temps will be here soon and I will long to escape the heat, but right now, the grey is making me feel grey myself. I have been trying to shake the funk, but it may take Sun, and only Sun to do that.

There are some things cheering me up lately. I found some adorable fabric during my trip up North and knew exactly what it would become. The Heather Ross Weekend Sewing really is full of simple but great designs for the young.
I love thinking of my boys sporting these button up shirts to a family event, the subtle print of caravans reminding me of our favorite movie Snatch, but not screaming Pikey.

There has also been some decent progress on the duvets covers for the boys, both tops are pieced, now onto the sashing and sewing it together.
Sashing to be
Work life likes to intrude on my sewing time, making it hard to prioritize those precious hours post bed time. I have to admit, the laundry is taking the brunt of my 'grey' days, it has piled up to unbelievable amounts. And here I just want to add to the piles by sewing more things.

There was some cheer to be had by looking at this little guy.
I have wanted to knit Spherey forever, and he fulfilled my greatest hopes....once the legs and arms were attached full of crinkly cellophane, he took on a life of his own.
I love this guy but we parted ways at a friend's baby shower yesterday. I feel a bit bereft (yes, Amiee, I think we have established that) and might have to cast on for another, maybe for my boys to toss around a bit. Or for my graduated little brother to take up to SF with him, as a Spherely guardian of sorts.

I did dip my fingers into this lush yarn,
perfect complement to the cool weather and I am finding comfort in it single ply softness. It is hard to beat a fine merino, right?

One thing that got me moving today was a small challenge from Shutter despite the grey I got into the yard and really looked at the growing things.
It feels so good to see the food we can grow and use to sustain ourselves. It felt so good I made a Flickr set of it all here. It will be some time until harvest, but it looks like the raised bed garden likes us, and we surely like it.

The photo is a shot of the beans and their flowers, I just read a fascinating book on the legume family. It will keep until the boys come to an age to learn about these things. It read like a science report by a fifth grader but it was also so informative. And can you spot how I use my scrap fabric cuttings lately? Perfect garden ties.

And last but certainly not least, a great cheering factor today was seeing the new website Petite Purls launch successfully, containing my first article (of sorts) written about knitting and Mama'ing and my boys....a bit of my blog transported into another venue. That made the day much much brighter. Give it a read if you have a chance, feedback appreciated. The patterns are awesome and free and did I say awesome? I see a crustacean on the needles soon.

Onward to a week of Sun, whether it comes naturally or is created from inside. And some laundry management too, I think, is in order. Wish me luck.


Robynn said...

Just came here via Petite Purls because I had to say how much I enjoyed your article. Lovely wry humour. (Bebe duster. Heh.) You are now the latest blogger to grace my Google Reader - quite an honour you know, as a new mommy I'm trying to resist new blog addictions!

Preeti said...

Enjoyed reading your article and seeing how your knitting journey has progressed and that your love for crafting and handmade and homegrown has been there - however busy the days.

You always pick out the most fabulous fabrics - really loving the caravan print!!

kat said...

congratulations on your great article!
nothing like knitting for babies, but knitting two of everything does sound challenging. actually, doing everything for two sounds challenging!

p.s. i'm loving the gloom :)

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

I was so excited to read your article. Allegra and Brandy are great and it's nice to see you teaming up with such wonderful mamas.

Anonymous said...

God, it's been so cruddy here, too. Where is summer?

Spherey is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Which reminds me--do you have a rec for a good online knitting tutorial? I can make a scarf, and only a scarf, and I'd love to get better--even just learning to purl would be nice.

Also, I've been spelling your name wrong this whole time. Sorry about that. :P