Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cowl Swap and other Good Things

Sometimes you get lucky. There are times I have a little blog disenchantment, but then something reminds me and pulls me back to the 'why' of the 'do it'. My knitting ladies are a huge part of that. They were my first experience with contact, with making real connections and the community I found has been invaluable. These women are so talented and lovely and able to knit a mean cowl. A really mean cowl.

So, we planned a cowl swap and a baby shower and a good bye.
Cowl Swap/ Baby Shower

They all fell on the same day and it could not have been better. We had the chance to hang out with the coolest kid in the universe and his Mama.

I think Kat is my knitting She is fearless in her design, she walks her design, lives it. I am always a little bit in awe when we meet up, so glad to call her a friend because she is that cool.

And then there is Shannon and Lucy.

She was the baby part of the party. And, bab-eeee. Man, that little girl stole my heart and made my ovaries ache. 75% of my photos featured her because I just could not stop focusing on her. And Shannon is Mama personified. It was so nice to shower her with gifts, all the pieces and fiber and love crafted to give to this little girl. Who has a killer look, all baby doe eyes. I wonder where she might have gotten that from. Shan, you are awesome, seeing you and your baby girl made my heart happy.
Mama and Lucy
Mama and Lucy

The cowls each came out with their own personality, own beauty. It is the first time I have intentionally knit for another (very accomplished) knitter and there were the twinges of fear and panic that she might see my mistakes, but there was also a little bit of envy that she would get the cowl. Whatever it was I knit with, it is soft and plush. And Jillian liked it, so I felt great.
Jillian from Me

It was funny, we all agreed that we fell a little in love with our own creations and wanted our recipient to love it as much. And we all did. Mine, what can I say? Julia knit mine.
Julia Made for Me

If you would have asked me 5 years ago that one day I would know, hang out with and receive a perfectly gorgeous cowl from Julia, I would have jaw dropped. She was the impetus for the swap, but she was also the first blogger I ever read. So it makes my cowl that much sweeter. Thanks, J.
Julia from Kat

Swap if you can, knitters. It serves for such a rush of real knitting love.

And last but not least, there was the good bye. Lori has come fully through her Phd, dissertation completed, job procured near her home in Canada. Which means Lori is leaving us. Oh, Lori, I miss you already.
Lori with Child

She has made a promise to bring back her blog and for this I am grateful. It would be much too much to lose you totally, L. This woman rocks and I only wish I could have had years more to get to know you in person. Just know I know where you live, Lori. And I might be coming your way. Especially if this country does not clear up their confusion regarding the whole health care reform. Go, social medicine.

Whatever you do, you should always have one of these around. Aching ovaries and all.

And you should always have good good friends. Love to you all. Here is the video message from the boys (ignore the kitchen state, that is what happens when you make ganache filled cupcakes).

Cannot wait to do it again.


jillian said...

OMG, that video! That's so cute it should be illegal.

And I do LOVE my cowl. And mistakes. What? So good seeing you again! See you soon :)

kat said...

agreed, that video is too cute. twins! they are so sweet.

all the photos you took are so good. thank you for the nice words. blush. and for that great photo of Fee.

I look forward to many more knitting parties.

Anonymous said...

Oh this post makes me so happy to be able to relive such a fun afternoon. I had the best time, and I'm so glad you all got to meet Bean. I adore all the wonderful gifts and the cowl swap was the most fun- I'm so glad we did it and can't wait for our next swap! Good times all the way around! xo-S.

PS: LOVE the video! Your little guys are so freaking adorable, as is Felix. :)

LauraC said...

When did they turn into such BIG boys?! So so so cute.

Disentangled said...

The photos are so wonderful! They make me very happy :) And the video - is just too cute!

lori z said...

you're a sweetie on so many levels. thanks for getting to the boys into the mix and making the super cute video.

you and your 'clever' photo titles on flickr. i'll getcha for that! ;)

i'm just happy that saturday wasn't the real goodbye and that we'll have one more chance to say it!

Preeti said...

What a lovely way to celebrate knitters and other good things. Loved the video message:)

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Awwww.... It was a blast! So great to see you and so happy that you liked your cowl. I tried hard to make it fit your personality, so it makes me really happy to know I succeeded. In a group of knitters like ours the bar is set really high - I think we all worry about disappointing. But gosh did it work out well. I loved every single cowl.

MJ said...

The cowl exchange was a great idea, and I have to admit it got me out of my knitting slump. What fun! It was great seeing everyone again. I hear you on the FOE--halfway through, I had to tuck it into my knickers to hold it up--AIEE!

CUTE boys!