Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seis Anos

I know it is unabashedly sentimental, but I have to do it. It is important to me that I put these things down because everyday life does not always allow me to express these sentiments, these thoughts, this love. I think we have to foster love as we grow and as we go. It helps me remember and I hope it makes him feel good (he reads my blog when I am not looking, you know).

Thanks for seeing me at 19 and deciding you liked me.

Thanks for hearing me at 21 and moving to NYC to keep us going strong. And for humoring my father’s advice with your cross country route even though your truck broke down on the steepest road ever in the middle of nowhere. And you still made it to me.

Thanks for being there at 23 while I tried to be a big girl and work in the real world.

Thanks for taking me at 25 to Portland to try a new life and agreeing to go home when it did not work out.

Thanks for standing by me at 26 when I fell apart and then waiting while I put myself back together.

Thanks for marrying me at 27 and writing the best wedding vows I have heard to date.

Thanks for journeying with me at 28 to Oz to live in a car for months while playing with a camera. And then figuring out how to get out of Fiji when everything went south.

Thanks for trusting me at 29 when I thought we should buy my parents house with them in it.

Thanks for getting me pregnant at 30 with the most wonderful people I have met under the age of three. And for not freaking out when you heard there was two.

Thanks for standing by me at 32 when I fell apart again, and waiting patiently for me to come back, always calm on the outside, reassuring me I could do it.

How can I thank you enough for living this life with me, tolerating the things I do and do not? 14 years seems like a blur, and though this day marks the date we put the rings on, it feels like we have been there for much much longer. I have known you forever, and only a day. I want to know you forever and add one more day to that.
So, thank you, Tim.

All my love.
Happy Anniversary, MCD.

And for those that are not Tim and reading, the ages are mine. He trails me by a few years. Get 'em young, that is what I say.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

so sweet! congrats!

LauraC said...

Who cares if it is super sweet, that is the point!!! Congratulations, happy anniversary, and lovely post. I know he must be amazing if he's captured your heart and spirit.

Sereknitty said...

A really lovely tribute ... happy anniversary!

jillian said...

I have one thing to say after reading that, awwwwwww. Happy Anniversary!

t + j said...

happy anniversary! we're just a day away from you - j's and mine was the 22nd. like forever and yesterday at the same time

Carrie said...

Such a sweet, sincere post! Happy anniversary!

Maggie May said...

This is ... absolutely heartbreaking. In the best way.

cinnamongirl said...

Happy Anniversary to the people who have shown me that it is possible for marriage to work. That it is possible to still acutally be in love with someone after so long, and after so much life. I love you both and am so lucky to call you my friends.

Anonymous said...

You are both lucky if you ask me! Happy Anniversary! xo-S.

Mona said...

May you have many more wonderful years ahead of you.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Awwww, happy anniversary! Reminds me of me and M - especially the falling apart part! Love you - J

Claroux said...

Oh my goodness! Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! This post gave me chills! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

A! This made me all weepy. You found such a good one. Cheers to you both.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary! I met my husband at 19 as well :) Only we opted for the express marriage option and married just out of college. ;)

Preeti said...

Awwww this is so sweet. Congratulations!!!!