Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On the Topic of Mojo

So, I have realised an important fact. My craft mojo is directly correlated to the weather.

Not conducive to mojo = 100 plus weather with ash raining down from the sky and ending up in my eyes every time I walk outside.

Not conducive to mojo = Small children trapped inside for many many days due to weather conditions.

Not conducive to mojo = Not getting enough sleep. Scratch that, I have not gotten enough sleep for years now.

But you know what can bring it all back? A few days of cooler weather, the rolling in of the marine layer that signals a chill in the air in the morning and hold the beating hot temperatures at bay for a bit, just enough to slip a few new project ideas into the mix.

This weekend I decided to bite off a new house project, that of taking a blank and scribbled wall in the kitchen area and giving it a new purpose. That of gallery.
magnetic wall project

It is intended to hold all of the projects that I know will come home soon, that of self portraits and trees made from small hand imprints. I want a special place to showcase these pieces, pieces more valuable to me than any Picasso. So the latest project includes some magnetic paint (actually 5 or 6 coats as the 3 I laid down barely hold a light magnet).

And some new hand made magnets that I plan on using to teach the boys a little bit about something called the Alphabet.

So far we have paint on wall (needing a few more coats, of course). And the start of the letters, simple felt layers that I am whipstitching together, magnets to be glued to the back.
letter magnets

I decided to start with their names and a few sight words. I did not want to make the Alphabet as you really cannot spell many things with that. So names it is.

But I did get a bit distracted by the finishing of their school bags.
school bags

I am not really sure how necessary these are...they each have a cubby holding diaper changes and water bottles. I think that these will be more like comfort items, something they can carry in with a precious rock or car tucked into the front pockets, a special card for Mrs. B or valentines, etc. There I go again, with the idealistic visions of school. No, but really, just something or them to hold onto. They already like them a lot, wear them out asking for their 'purses' as we get ready to go. And it satisfies the Maker?provider part of me. Their toenails might not be clipped and clean, hair messy and shirt a little too small. But, dammit, my kids have handmade bags with their names embroidered on them. Now that is a good Mama.

And one very important knit has graced the needles now, just as another unphotographed one receives its finishing. This lovely bit is for my soon to be sister in law, a light a silky shawl slowly taking shape. There is such joy in knitting for a wedding, especially for a bride.
post labor day evening

On this evening, still sultry but with some cooling in the night air, we sat outside, smoke free air, breeze blowing, and I played a bit. Some nice red wine, my bag of embroidery floss, my favorite scissors (Owen absconded with them to cut grass, a definite no no...he might dull them, bad boy)(Oh yeah, might cut off a finger too, those suckers are sharp). The rising of mojo feels good.
psot summer evening

As does knowing for the next three hours I will stitch as dancers and singers and cookers take hold of my flat screen and I make the minutes count.

I have yet to find my cleaning or laundry mojo, but at least I am doing something that matters. Ahhhh.


LauraC said...

Our weather has cooled down here (permanently, only 80 every day the last week) and it has made such a difference in my energy level. Except of course it hasn't been cool enough to kill the bugs yet so our dinner was forced inside by a swarm of 867920 flies.

Preeti said...

Their M(p)urses are so fantastic and will be filled to the hilt with all sorts of preciousness. This is such a good idea for school - a comfort object. Nice stitchin'

jillian said...

The weather didn't used to affect my knitting mojo, but I found last year and more this year that is has. So nice to return to cooler temps and clean air!

Claroux said...

I agree - the recent blast of cooler, fall-like weather has given me a huge burst of creative energy. I'm feverishly crocheting Jax a hat that looks like an acorn and at the rate I'm going I might have enough stamina to whip up a matching sweater. The sewing machine came out of retirement this week as well - I found some CUTE corduroy on sale at Joanne's and have visions of super cute jumpers for the girls. I LOVE your handmade magnets! They are MUCH nicer than the typical crappy plastic ones we have on our fridge. I might steal your idea and make some for the girls for Christmas! LOVE the bags too! You're one wicked creative mama! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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