Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loves :: Pumpkin Style

So many good things are cropping up this week. I am loving on the cool weather, the lull in demanding work, the time I am carving out to play with Halloween costume ideas and sewing projects.

Here are a few on my weekly loves...the pumpkin edition...

Roasted pumpkin which became a chunky sauce over pasta. Sweet and smokey and Fall all over it.

Silly bumpy warty gourds that have the potential to be very cute Halloween people. But will likey just hang out on the mantel until Christmas.

The boys' new favorite about a witch and a giant pumpkin. It has spurred much conversation about making a pumpkin pie, something that has become a daily request. Made even sweeter by the fact that it cost a quarter at a local yard sale.

Not pumpkin-y, but damn cute. Tomorrow is their first school picture day. The weather is warming up enough to sport short sleeves, so they get to take these for a spin.
For School Pictures

And what would a pumpkin post be without our first trip this year? The park up the street holds the best event, this will be the third year for the boys. Here is year one, year two and now...

They hold the chickies.

They sit by big pumpkins.

And we find a few old treasures to capture.
not trash
(photos courtesy of Tim)

More pictures here.

And while I am sharing good things, I thought I would mention a few new blogs that I loving a lot ::

Sasikirana Handmade :: Delicious projects and she loves Heather Ross, maybe more than I.

Rambling Roses
:: Beautiful photography and knitting projects and now she is in Canada, B.C. to be exact. Heaven, to be even more accurate.

Tangerine and Turquoise
:: Great name, lovely sewing, lots of Alabama Chanin and a happy one year blogging.

They have infused me with new inspiration and lots of good reads. Check them out if you need a crafting kick.


Preeti said...

Awww...thanks, you're so sweet:) We're dying to take our kids to the pumpkin place in our town, but with the wet stuff falling all week, the trip will have to wait. O&M are going to look so adorable in those shirts. Their first school picture day, how grown up!!!

Sereknitty said...

Love the shirts! And the tradition of going back to the same place each year is so special.

You're not going to believe this, but I'm pretty sure your friend at Rambling Roses lives in the same town as me! What are the chances?

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin pasta recipe, please! Already sounds yum.