Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happiest of Halloweens

The costumes were finished in the nick of time and donned in the early afternoon and worn to bits until the full-ish moon rose.
Halloween 2009

The boys gathered the spoils of the day in bags that became too heavy for them to carry. They particularly cleaned up on my brother's quiet street where families were dumping candy by the handful into their outstretched hands.
Halloween 2009
Halloween 2009

They ate at least 5 lollipops in record time and had some of the funniest sugar induced freak outs I have ever seen.
Halloween 2009

They ran and danced and crashed their spider appendages into every object that crossed their path. (Note to self :: Two year olds and spider appendages are not very compatible).
Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween from two little spiders, their beehive Mama and their beekeeper Daddy (taking all the pictures).
Halloween 2009

See you next year.
Halloween 2009


jillian said...


Janna said...

Wonderful costumes! Every time I come to this site I am in awe of your making skills!! Owen and Mason are very lucky little boys :)

Sharon said...

They are so did a wonderful job on their costumes :)

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody in your family so CUTE? I love it.

Em Natural said...

i love it!!!! wonderful costumes and yours is awesome too!! can't wait to see you this weekend xoxo

Sereknitty said...

Too cute!

Preeti said...

OMG, cuteness overload!!! What a fabulous idea with the spidey legs!