Thursday, December 03, 2009

Using the Hand Knits

One of the great things about cold weather (unexpectedly cold) is the opportunity to use hand knits. (I know I should have anticipated that it would be pretty damn cold at 6000 elevation in early December, but I swear I was too enamoured of the iPhone to even considering doubting it).

We always bring layers and layers for the boys just in case, but Tim and I brought hoodies as our main source of warmth. The irony was that I had pulled out this sweater for Tim to wear up there but forgot to pack it. I did happen upon a vest I had knitted early this year and packed it with the clothes going up. It seemed like a good choice as the yoke was double layer for warmth but sleeveless so I would not get too hot.
Cabin trip 09

(again with the trusting of the iPhone).

My very soft and lovely cowl was in the car, thank god, so there was some warmth in the neck area and it doubled as a great ear warmer.
Cabin trip 09

The boys each had their knits too. I planned on bringing the pair of knitted owl vests for the boys to wear with Santa, but forgot one on the chest in their room. Owen's did make it and turned out cute with a row of green buttons that he helped me pick out of the button bottle.

Cabin trip 09

It took awhile to finish this because it takes me awhile to finish anything. The last little bits of weaving in ends and sewing up armholes and finding buttons just slay me...and the piece lays in wait until I have a reason. The cold was a great reason.

For Mason, I pulled together the cutest little Wraplan sweater (Ravelry link here). I intended to knit this for a little little one, thinking that it would end up fitting a one year old. It basically fits Mace with really short sleeves. I really loved knitting this sweater, it is simple and quick, a little fussy with the neckline, but still fun.
Cabin trip 09
Cabin trip 09

The yarn is so lovely but it did not have a label when I inherited it from Kat. I know it is 100% wool because it kept Mace so warm that his cheeks turned rosy pink. It will go to a little one (gently used, now, of course) I just have to find one that is big enough.

And speaking of Kat Coyle, I read this post on her blog a few days ago.

The Red Scarf
project focuses on knitting for orphans. Since this year I am avoiding family gift knitting, I really felt compelled to start a scarf for these kids. I have some soft and chunky red yarn in the initial stage of scarf-dom. I thought I would point any interested readers in the Project's have until a December 15 deadline to knit up a simple scarf (in red) and send it their way.

It is good that there is a short season for hand knits here in California, even if we had to gain elevation to wear them. Here is hoping for a little more chill to make the season feel merry as Christmas comes (closer and closer, right?)

And just one last shot, my favorite, I think. I love how this shot caught their two personalities so well, such different boys. Mace always a little off balance and adventuresome (almost to a fault). And Owen with steady surefoot, at his brother's side, also adventuresome (almost to a fault). Ah, that pair.
Cabin trip 09


Claroux said...

you had some wicked good talent! and we are going to have the most ADORABLE grandchildren someday when our kids hook up LOL *hugs*

jillian said...

So cute! And fantastic use of the handknits, of course :)

kat said...

Awesome knits! Could the boys look any cuter?????

Kellee said...

Knitting... photography... crafty goodness. You might very well be my new favorite person, considering you are fantastic at everything I hold near and dear to my heart.