Tuesday, February 09, 2010

LOVE 2 :: Friends

Day two of my LOVE week dawns with two fevered toddlers, diagnosed not with Black Lung but an ear infection and bronchitis. Dual doctor trip, moderately nightmarish trip to Target pharmacy and now Home. I am in it to win it, so this is going to go on. It makes me feel better. Let's hope the abx make them feel better.

Today? I love friends. Don't we all? I have to say, I am not the friendliest of people. I like the idea of friends, but it is hard work sometimes. Despite my best efforts to drive most away, some stick around. And sometimes I even make new ones. I mentioned in a Mondo post that I have found a good one via the dreaming course. Her name is Jen and she is super cool. She made my day yesterday with an unexpected package in the mail that contained this...

How totally cool, right? And just so you know, she has her own business that specializes in really cool stuff. How cool, you ask? Check it out and then check out her suggested gift ideas for the Valentine's Day upcoming....or really any day that needs a treat.

I am learning about friendship as I go, the give and take of long distance email, the patience crafted when you realize that this person, this one that you bond with half way across the nation, maybe half way across the world are not readily available at all times. May not even be physically available at any time. It is a new definition of the endearment. As friendship stretches and changes its meaning in my life, as I make (and sometimes break) the bonds of online friendship, I find myself reflecting on the fact that though there is not the same immediacy that happens when you meet that new friend that you just know you could sit and talk to all night, there is a new appreciation for the bonds. They start tentative, with a comment or a short email, toe dipped in water, hoping for a return. And then they show themselves at times to be lovely and right and fitting.

One of my Mondo Beyondo wishes read like this :: Make friends that last, that care, that like Me, that are complex and smart and whole.

And that is happening as I write, as I reach and as I share. Love comes in so many forms and I am happy that for a girl that was quite accustomed to flying solo when it came to the world of women, I can say I feel that love in daily ways.

So, thanks, my lovely and sometimes too ephemeral friends. I know you are there, and I love that. And someday when we pull up in our Vanagon and stop by to cook you dinner, I know you won't flinch to have friends that live in a van down by the rivier.


jillian said...

When I read the "I am not the friendliest of people" my eyes got all big! Whaaa? You have been so consistently welcoming and friendly to me as I got to know our group, and invited me into your home without reservation. Now, I will try to live up to being complex and smart and whole...some days I don't feel any of those things :)

Kate said...

We are so totally different!! I dive right in head-first into friendship, which has sometimes bitten me in the hindquarters!

I ordered your skirt pattern and made it today...wow! It goes quickly. I haven't yet done the zipper yet (never done one of those, yikes!) If it weren't for you and Supablogga I would never try anything new. Thanks for being so inspirational!

I Saw You Dancing said...

You are seen.
You are heard.
You are loved.

MJ said...

I second Jillian, because you are a sweet, funny, generous gal, and I miss hanging out with you! I think it's fantastic to have found a group of girlfriends who still keep in contact after so long--imagine what it would be like without the internet. So, I'm thankful for that and for your presence online.

That said, re: French. I have a Lonely Planet and a Harrap's phrasebook I use once in a while, and 2 books of French verbs. Kids might find a picture book handy, or at the very least, talking to each other in French. I know a couple with a toddler; the husband speaks French to the girl and the wife speaks English to her. It's working out well so far. When I get back we can practice!

sarah said...

Beautiful thoughts and great reminders! :) Well wishes to those boys of yours!

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeously fantastic! I've just been able to shed the snotty hallways of our house to "catch up" on things this week. You really, really made my week.

Preeti said...

You...not friendly...whaaaaat!!!! This was such a lovely post and I have to say that I did make a good friend in you over these bloggy internets and even though I don't stop by to visit quite so often, you will always be that - a loved friend.