Thursday, February 25, 2010

On Making :: Blocks

Most days I feel compelled to craft. It is rare that I wake up without some plan to fit a moment of making into the schedule. It could be a knit or sewing project, a few minutes with the camera or even a few minutes here sharing. It almost feels mandatory if I want to catalog the day as 'worthy'.

In the weeks since Mondo, I have found a new type of clarity within my own creative time. I feel bolder, encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone and participate. There are such strong communities that run through this medium and I have learned from Mondo just how powerful (and fun) it can be to become a little more involved.

It may seem odd that my grand list of must-do's included goals such as 'sew my own jeans' and 'sew a wedding ring quilt' interspersed with 'travel to Bhutan for three months to volunteer (and bring the family)'. I found it a little odd. But in the writing, I feel as if I have acknowledged their importance and realized my compulsion to create is something to keep me balanced and healthy and whole.

And in that light, I present my first two pieced blocks ever. I came across a Quilt Along via Whip Up and though I try not to click through too often, as it makes me want to DO EVERYTHING...this one I followed. First thought, no way. Second, why not?

Pinwheel QAL :: Block I

The blocks did not take that long, did not take much fabric and have given me such great pleasure. Once I established a good way to sit, sew, press and cut, piecing has become a goal easily achieved in the small chunks of time I find through out the days. The QAL is still in its first week and it will run for 12 weeks and at the end I anticipate having my first quilt top.
Pinwheel QAL :: Block I

I have already decided to use my local quilt shop to do the actual quilting. They are a lovely bunch of women and I have seen their long arm quilting machines and know they quilt for others and even rent out the quilting machines. This may help me take that next step towards taking a class to learn how to do all that swirly stuff I always see on the beautifully finished pieces out there.

And I did take one more little step towards real world connecting. There is a group that has formed to support modern quilting and L.A. seems to have a thriving and lively bunch (at least from what I have seen in their Ning site). So, I joined up and hope to follow through by attending one of their meet ups.

Anyone out there want to go with me next Monday to Home Ec. for my first guild meeting? Julia? Jillian? Anyone?

And while on the topic of is the Olympic knitting project, coming along row by row.
Tomten in Progress

I have been staying up awfully late watching sport after sport, sometimes feeling great and moving along, other times waking up during the late late broadcast and finding drool on mouth and needles clutched in hand. It is going to be one of those 'she will grow into it' pieces. The boys agreed to model it reluctantly as they have already decided it is being knit for 'the baby' (which would not be them...I am not sure if there is a baby that could pull this off. Maybe that record breaking 20 pounder?).
Tomten in Progress

I think I will make it. Which reminds me...time to sign off and cue up the DVR. I've got some knitting to do and a few tiny twirling skaters to watch. (Is it bad that I am glad the Olympics are almost over? I swear, I have not been this sleep deprived since those early newbie months).

Tomten in Progress

(See the stitch marker? My engagement ring...lost the pearl set in the middle and now it works great as a knitting companion).

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jillian said...

I would love to go to Home Ec with you, but sadly I need to be at the office. I want to take a sewing class or three, and possibly get my machine looked at. It just wonot sew well. I'm completely stalled in the sewing front. Maybe another time?

Your blocks are gorgeous and the Tomtem too cute for words. Love the bright colors.