Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring :: Closet Love

Just wanted you all to know that I am thankful for the responses you gave to my last post. I am always so hesitant to write out some of those types of thoughts. I can write endlessly about the things the kids do or the things that I create, but throw an opinion in there and I start to feel clumsy with my words. And shy. It took me quite a few minutes to hit publish and there was almost a delete...and it is not like I was railing against the system in any huge way. I don't really fancy myself a writer, maybe it is better to call me 'one who documents', but it is nice to know when I want to throw something out there, you, my people, are willing to read it. So thanks.

And now back to regularly scheduled programming. I have been meaning to write up about my newly organized craft space. There was a lesson in the Mondo course about clearing. When things get stuck, it is time to do a clearing. Clearings can be digging through a dark closet, a stack of forgotten piles, a sweep of the floor. In my case this clearing was all three. Things in our common living space had reached epic bad proportions with fabric piles everywhere, cut and uncut, started and unfinished. It was ugly.
Closet Reno :: Before

It was hard to live with. And did I mention it was ugly? Hard to be inspired to do anything when the space was so jumbled.

For years I have been meaning to revamp a small hall closet, but too many ideas swamped any actions.
Closet Renovation Complete

Finally, I decided on a plan :: simple straight shelves running the length. Tim was able to find scrap at the shop and I covered them with a roll of positionable Contact paper. Two shelves had nice cherry veneer, so those were left as is. I gathered all of the fabric floating around and used 6 or 7 clear 1$ boxes to sort and stash. Cheap magazine holders hold patterns and magazines. And within a few afternoons, I finally had a usable and workable space. Total cost roughly in the 25$ range.
Closet Renovation Complete
Closet Renovation Complete
Closet Renovation Complete
Closet Renovation Complete

The difference it has made has been unbelievable. I have had people ask me before how it is that I get some of this stuff done. Most of my productivity can be attributed to the plethora of adult hands I have available in the home. But some is definitely due to accessible craft space.

Closet Renovation Complete

My machine is always out and now, my projects are always sorted. I can grab, iron, seam, get up and wrestle two boys apart, sit down and do a bit more, etc. Part of what I love is that they watch and actively participate in the things I love to do. Owen has become an expert at pushing the foot pedal when I am chain piecing and Mace can call a Pinwheel quilt square when he sees one. They may not dream of being sewers, but I have a feeling they are going to know how if that skill is ever needed.

The last month has really allowed us some time to focus on Home, organizing and creating spaces that make us feel like singing. This process has taken years and is far from complete, but, man, does it feel good to see corners of my home cleared of piles and piles of projects. Another huge plus, something I thought we would never really see through, was the completion of Tim"s wood shop in the garage. Just a few months back the garage was a 'scary' space, with little access. The bones were all there; cabinets and equipment, but we were not utilizing any of it. Then a few weeks back I arrived home, parked in the driveway and heard the boys through our garage door. They sounded as if they were having a blast. I walked into the garage and had to rub my disbelieving eyes. It was immaculate; table saw open, tools organized, all stray item and giant holiday storage boxes taken up to the attic. It was surreal.

And now Tim too has a workable space where he can build and create and finish the house (ahem, hem). And I have taken full advantage of that spread of table and used it too.
Alabama Skirt :: Progressing

I guess when Spring comes, clearing follows. It feels good to have found the energy and drive to finish these projects. Next up...the disaster area we call a bedroom. Hmmmm, me thinks his working table saw is going to come in really handy at helping with that big hot mess.

And for full disclosure :: Sure, there is always a little bit of a mess somewhere. It would not be Home without it, right?
Closet Renovation Complete
Closet Renovation Complete

And so I ask you what part of your lives or Home could use a clearing these days? Sometimes it is simple, sometimes things need extensive damage control. But the end result is so worthwhile.

Happy Spring to you all!


Sadia said...

My entire home could use a clearing! Actually, I have a coworker who's doing just that. He's getting rid of something per day for 365 days. Impressive!

I've cleared my bookshelves and have a whole section devoted to Paperbackswap.com offerings. Hubby has just gone through all his clothes and tossed out most. My kitchen could use a clearing. And my study? You can't even walk into it! Perhaps I should hire a mother's helper so I can tackle that.

Thanks for the inspiration.

jillian said...

Amazing! And looks fantastic too. And weird - that last post did something strange in GoogleReader - I clicked to your site and nothing was there. Looks interesting - going to read now!

Sereknitty said...

Your organized closet looks fab and functional!

I like that you still have a tiny little mess ... I've been in some houses lately that don't even look as though someone lives there. Nothing out of place, not even a magazine on the table. Looks like it came out of a design mag. but it's only a house, and not a home. Give me a home, anyday!

LauraC said...

When I got to the clearing part of Mondo, I had to really stretch to figure out what could be physically cleared because I am a neatfreak. But the dreaded office closet has been purged and organized, should post pics!