Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Towards Recovery

Oh, my lovely friends, thank you so very much for your energy and thoughts and prayers. So appreciated and very helpful. She is through the surgery but struggling in the post-op phase with some nasty nausea and vomiting and the after effects of someone cutting apart your bones and joints and shoving some metal and silicone parts in. Ortho surgery can be pretty brutal, but I know she is on the road and it helps to know you, my friends in the ether, are all rooting for her. Keep them coming, if you do not mind.

It will be my shift at the hospital soon, but I had some time to myself this morning, a few precious hours of play time, as I think of it. I thought to share some of the pretty here...

Making up a few cards for her to rifle through when she starts to feel better. These hold some great quotes from Dr. Dyer's Dozen. I think my favorite is "Think from the end"...visualize it as you want it to be and work back from there. Great advice, especially right now.
for Review

And the quilt blocks march on here. This here is my third block, and then the sum of my efforts.

I am trying not to put too much thought into it, I gathered fat quarters from the stash that struck me as semi-coordinating and have just grabbed and pieced. I think I like it, but it is awfully cheery in color, right? And I have no idea where it is going but I do have the 4th block cut and ready to be sewn. I think one of my favorite part of this experiment is when my points actually match up, not an easy feat as the blocks have required more and more pieces.

And the real accomplishment this morning.
Alabama Skirt :: Progressing

All my Alabama skirt pieces are cut and inked. My fingers are all spotted with paint, but the hard part is done. I find the painting part to be the biggest bump to get over, it takes a lot of time and focus to get the stencil cut and the pieces painted, but once it is done, it feel like smooth sailing. My plan is for black paint with reverse applique for the stems and leaves and then actual applique in cream on the rose and buds.
Alabama Skirt :: Progressing
Alabama Skirt :: Progressing

I almost almost looking forward to a few hours in the hospital at bedside, giving help when needed and stitching away when not.

Thanks again, loves, you are all really the best. Be back here soon. :)


Janna said...

I love the beautiful quote cards you made for your mom. What a brilliant idea for a recovering patient.

I'm praying for her to recover quickly and complication free!

Sereknitty said...

All so very pretty! As a card maker myself, I'm always interested in what others are making -- thanks for sharing! May your mom's recovery be swift and whole.

Mona said...

How are the boys handling Oma's down time? The cards are beautiful and spiritual. Give your mom a hug from us...

Anonymous said...

Yeah for your mom and yeah for you! Hope she comes home soon. I love all of your creating. Good, good stuff. Thinking about you and your fam as I head out west for a couple of days. She's so lucky to have you.


I Saw You Dancing said...

Heavenly quotes, heavenly squares, heavenly skirt.
You are an angel.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of your Mom and hoping for her full
recovery as I myself am 5 weeks out after the same
operation. Your word- brutal - is the best word for
the operation. I am puzzled that she suffers also from
nausea as I understood that had recently been erased
from the after-effects. That would make it even harder. My advice would be rest, rest, rest, and good
and nourishing food. I am amazed at how much better I feel and can move after good, long rest. My
thoughts are with her and all of you.
Julia's Mom

kat said...

wow your skirt is going to be gorgeous. and so meaningful. with every stitch you can say a little prayer for your mom.