Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April :: Upon Arrival

Colors of a Rainy Day

The lovely thing about going in part is the coming back. Monday we had to return to the world of work and meal prep and going to bed too late and life in general without big wow! scenery, but Life here holds a different magic.
Colors of a Rainy Day

I swear when we arrived home they had grown 3 inches and acquired calculus skills. Well, maybe not that extreme, but still. Who left these little boys here and took my babies? Intuitively I know they left their baby-hood long ago and boys they shall be until some kind of other growth usurps that title, but still.
O's world

I love watching their world become layered with the nuance of play, to watch as they fall into endless hours of construction and destruction. Absorbed and occasionally oblivious to us. They waiver between the big legos and the small but they never waiver at the dumping of the boxes into unruly and unlimited piles of potential.
Colors of a Rainy Day

Someone told me these little boys turn three next week, but I find it hard to believe. And then they sit down a speak to me of all their things and days and thoughts and then I realize it is true.
Colors of a Rainy Day

Mama loves you, boys. So very much.

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Jess said...

I hear you. Where does the time go?

My twins are going to be 10 soon and I'm constantly struck by how old they've gotten. At each age they've amazed and impressed me, but now, these little tweens are more opinionated, self-sufficient and considerate of others than ever before.

And with their many milestones, you get to pat yourself on the back for the part you've played getting them there.