Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Road :: V

In many ways this trip has been about movement. We have constantly been on the move, picking up and packing up every four or five days to seek North. We have now reached the apex of our trip and will head South from here on out.
Day 16

In many ways the time has been about actual movement of my body too. It started with the West African dance class I took with my sister in L.A. Then I took a kick ass step class, my first in over five years while in Arcata. In Portland I had the chance to attend a class at Conduit with Tere, a teacher of my past. My heart filled when she remembered me even though it has been over 7 years since I attended that class. And at the end she graced me with a smile and nod and the positive affirmation that I can still do this.
Day 6
And now here in Whistler, I have discovered a gem. Neoalpine is the first real yoga studio class I have ever taken and it is so good that it makes me want to cry.

We opened class yesterday with a chant, a powerful heart opening mantra and I almost dissolved onto my mat. There is something so amazing about voices singing out, echoing and bouncing to strike you at the core. It is not something yoga class at L.A. Fitness gym would support...too open, too much. But last night, wrung from end to end, muscles screaming from the now tightness and then loosening, we closed in Corpse with a whisper chant. I felt transported in a way I have not since the time I was bed bound and pregnant and would go into deep guided meditation there in my own bed.
Day 16

Day 16

All this movement has brought home an essential fact about myself.....I am a dancer. I have been imprinted in this way since birth almost. I am most happy dancing through life, letting movement flow from core to tip and letting sweat course off my body as my face gets red from the effort. It has sealed the deal for me.

Before we left on this trip, I came to the realization that I need more in my Life that focuses specifically on moving. I have my yoga practice that has deepened in the last year, but I want more. And last night and today in class I realized that I will go on to become a Yoga teacher, go into a program sometime in the next year.

I know the movement and words and principles of yoga well but it was the chanting that gives me the thrill of challenge down my spine. I want to be able to stand in class someday and lead us all through a chant, let the quiet voice in my heart sing out in a strangely foreign fluent sound that calls all to resonate in their Self.

The greatest of compliments last night came to me when the teacher gently touched my arm in class and asked me if I am a yoga teacher. I was a little shocked and a whole lot flattered, but I also heard the message the Universe was sending. I am ready, Universe.

I have two more days of class up here, two more days to revel in the gentle and strenuous, the heart filling and magical. It is the blessing of this trip...the movement. And it makes all well in my slightly askew world.

If you West African in L.A., please check out Mareme's class at Lula Washington.
If you dance in Portland, check out Tere's class on Tuesdays at Conduit.
If you yoga in Whistler, please visit Neoalpine especially the Thursday night Boom Shakti flow.

If you want to move more, then please do so. Open your heart, find a mantra and go. Go, my friends.
Day 1


I Saw You Dancing said...

I have come across the phrase "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" twice in the past two days.
I thought it was trying to tell me something.
And then I watched your beautiful story unfold.
Yes to yoga. Yes to you.

jillian said...

That makes perfect sense - I can see you as a yoga teacher without even trying. You will be fantastic!

K8 said...

Inspirational. You will make a wonderful yoga teacher!

Kellee said...

I love when little pieces fall together in this way, and help us find out path. Wonderful for you! :)

jess said...

you're going to be an amazing yoga teacher! there really is nothing like a practice where the goal is clearly to open up something inside and opening up outside, or challenging outside, is nothing but the means, right? i can't wait to hear about your journey with this. please write about it.