Saturday, July 10, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The Playtime title might be a little misleading...there has been precious little time to get all the Play I want into our daily lives. The boys? They play all day, of course. That is what three year olds with no obligations or schedule are wont to do. Me? Since our return from the uber trip I have had to make myself ultra available for work in order to, let's say, catch up.

And so work work work has been going on and very little blog blog blogging. For me, blogging is my playtime and I have missed it a bit. But when those Play moments are spare I like to choose to devote them to offline time and that is where I have been. Mainly.

I know I said I would make some time for trip posts but that time feels long gone. It was a good trip. We went many many places, the boys loved it and I already miss the feel of unpacking our lives in a new space every few days. I finally sat down to look through the 'real' pictures from the trip on the desktop and I found a few that I loved. Something about the clarity of a good shot from a real camera... it strikes the memory and I can almost smell the air in each location.

Bellingham, WA

Orcas, WA

chucks on scene
Whistler, Canada
A playground

A boy. Named Owen.

found heart
Found heart.

Can you miss a place that you have never really lived and don't truly know? I think so. One thing that was clarified in that trip is the desire to head North again. Next year, Summer 2011, we will try to go and stay for months and months if we can. What a dreamy idea. And what I have learned is put the dream out there to let it breathe.

So there was that. Now I will tackle the 4th. I was almost a perfect repeat of last year; town parade, town fair, town fireworks. We really just stayed close to home and walked everywhere with the stroller which was great fun in itself. I wore a dress. And spent time with the family. Here is the evidence....My fave ore the ones with my sister.

I love how ridiculously happy we look. I think we were.

parade hat
He made the hat at Library Hour. With Daddy. Makes me so proud. Which is kinda' ridiculous too.

ladies of the 4th
The Lindy sisters do-whopping (or something).

horsie? not
Does not like pony. Absolutely does not.

1st pony ride
Absolutely adores the pony...he is shining in his happiness, right?

Okay, so now that I have that out of my system, I will return to some semblance of regular posting round here. Or not. Just depends on work. Family. The gym (oooh, we are new best friends and I have been taking a weight 'lifting/sculpting' class and I am not sure if it is helping but I love it and feel awfully powerful). The library and the actual reading of books (Goodreads, are you on it??). Stuff, you know.

But I miss this sometimes and you my ether friends. So say hi if you would.


K8 said...

Love the pictures - you look so happy! Going north for months would be wonderful - I need to save up my vacation time and do something like that. Thanks for sharing :)

LauraC said...

Love those pics of you and your sister. Truly love.

Anonymous said...

Hi my gorgeous friend. Thank you for sharing more pics from your trip and the 4th. Such gorgeousness you all are. Good idea to put the dream out there for months and months up north next year. Funny how a little step like that can make things happen.

Thinking about you lots!

Jennifer said...

Look at the boys on the horses! I can't believe how grown up they look...I've been following along since they were born and it doesn't seem like enough time has passed to have turned into little people.

I Saw You Dancing said...

A belated HYA from me!
I loved this post, especially the pics of you and your sister. Not only do you look happy, you are beauties to behold.
Loving how your travels and dreams are unfolding... and how you are taking us all with you with your words and photos and creations.
You are a treasure.