Monday, August 23, 2010

The Year of Pennies and Yarns

Traditional 7 Year Marriage Gifts :: Copper and Wool. Appropriate.

Today marks 7 years since the day we were married. 7 years sounds odd, in truth we are fast approaching 16 in total. But, man, that weekend 7 years ago was just spectacular.

This weekend we sat down together and rifled through years of photos and old letters and laughed at the youth and abandon with which we once lived. The years have not taken that away but seeing it in print, seeing the words and ideas and endless amounts of song lyrics written in lieu of letters (ahem. Tim) struck something so deep. It is not often you get to grow up with, marry, then have twins with your best friend.

Today also brought me something in the mail ... a perfect gift for the people that have given up gift giving. I have never been a sucker for flowers, even less so for jewels ... doing the dishes is the way to my heart. This year money tight and time even tighter, we are eschewing stuff for a nice bit of Italian food and a overnight stay at my brother's cute little home which is currently empty.
Present from the Universe
Awwww.... they set this up to greet us at the house. Heart melt.

But today brought me a letter from the Universe and it felt like the best gift ever.
Present from the Universe

Months back when I signed on for the first ever Dream Lab, I wrote this letter to Me from the Omnipotent Universe (but, uh, really from Me, you know). And today it came back and filled me up just as I was feeling a little bit of deflation post-exciting solo trip, a little bit wobbly from the years and the Monday and the heat. The day that I wanted to feel special-er had not hit its stride yet.

I will write out the letter because it makes me happy. Then I suggest you do the same. It is not often we can receive a personalized missive from the Universe, especially right when we need it.

Dear Amiee,

I adore you. I see how hard you work, how big your heart is, how much you love and feel ... And I want yo remind you that it is okay to REST. It's okay to PLAY. It's okay to STOP. Seriously, you are enough just standing still. Did you hear that? You are enough.

I think you are amazing. A precious gift. It's a miracle that you are here.

These are some things I love most about you ::

1. When you move your body you morph into pure beauty.
2. You seek to try new things, make and share, acquire new knowledge because you must.
3. You know how to love and smile and give what you can when you can.

Here are some ways to be kinder to yourself ::

1. When you look in the mirror see the beauty not the bumps.
2. When you are lonely, tell someone.
3. When you miss out know it is for a reason.

This summer you are given permission to ::

1. Go to the beach and make sand castles (check)
2. Work out for yourself every day you can (check)
3. Make stuff for You and not only others (check).

With boundless Love for You and Your Gorgeous Heart,

The Universe.

It is like really good lip balm for the soul.. that letter. And it was a template given as part of the sweet and special Dream Lab, run by the ladies of Mondo Beyondo.

So, only one PSA on this my anniversary day. If you want to feel like this, and do things like this, and dream in bigger and more special ways, ways that make the next 7 and 16 years seem amazing, please check out the Mondo Beyondo course. If you click on the sidebar link, you will be taken to the place where you can try this dreaming on for size. I say this because it quite literally changed my daily life .... urged me to move my inner Self and outer Self. And in the doing of this, it is moving my marriage and my choices and my ideas in directions that feel so so great.

And MCD? You already know how much I love you. So very very much. O

Present from the Universe

P.S. Thank you Mom and Dad and Jim and Carol for the candles and wine and dessert ... you made the special day extra special. And thanks Mama for guiding the card making process. This and this are priceless. xoxo a


LauraC said...

I have a few happy places that always inspire me and your space is one of my happy places. I love everything about this post.

And if it weren't for you, I would have never done Mondo and found my mojo again.

On Sunday I was debating out loud whether to sign up for a photography workshop for the next few weeks at Clickin Moms. I was going back and forth with Jon, he is a great sounding board. (My friend Gillian calls him The Voice of Reason.) He finally said, "Do it. You're happier than I've seen you in a long time. If it makes you happy, do it."

Samantha said...

I signed up for Mondo Beyondo a few days ago after reading your accounts and feeling a spark of motivation. I've lurked on your blog for some time now (via Ravelry) and thought it was high time I said hi and thank you for inspiring me.

Dana said...

Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

The Homesteading Hussy said...

Love the letter from the Universe. I could use one of those once a month. I'm with you about the way to my heart...a clean sink does it for me every time. But I'm with you on the yarn thing too. And the twin boy thing too. I think I'm with you on a lot of stuff. Which just makes me want to come back.

Happy Anniversary. Ours was on the 22nd. I with you there too:)

Sadia said...

"Lip balm for the soul" ... that puts so very much so well.

Happy Anniversary.

Kellee said...

Happiest of Anniversaries to you.

Reckless Sarcasm said...

First and foremost, Happy Anniversary!
Now for the rest...
This is fantastic, just as you are! :)

Also, this reinforces my decision to sign up for the Mondo Beyondo class. I signed up on Saturday and I cannot wait! I am pretty sure I'm going to do the Dream Lab too.
I've already been paying attention to the Universe and have noticed that it DOES pay attention to me. :)

I'm glad you had a happy anniversary. May you have many, many more.

K8 said...

Congrats you two!