Friday, November 19, 2010

They Might be Giants

It struck me that someday my children will be giants. Some days it seems that they already are.
Sunset hike

I held my niece yesterday; 2 days old, 3 pounds bigger than Mason on the day he was born. She felt beyond fragile and her miniature limbs were so delicate and unnatural looking to me. And yet there was that part that recalls marveling over the tininess of their nails and joints and veins. I came home to the boys, reading library books before bed and telling us all about this matter or that matter.
Sunset hike

They run now with total confidence, no stutter to their steps. They string together long sentences, convoluted stories full of stutters and vigor. They create from their minds and remind us of events and recall in the morning that they have a planned date with their Grandpa Jim and their excitement knows no bounds.
Sunset hike

I love this age, three point five. Everything is so full of meaning and joy. The inevitable period of why? is actually fun (up to a point, of course). The other day we walked in the stroller at twilight and they watched the Moon follow us and could not figure out why it would do that. Then we walked toward it and Mace panicked as he thought it was falling on us. Do you remember when you were young and you thought the same? I recall being in the car and watching the Moon through the window glass, amazed that I was important enough to be followed by a celestial body.
Sunset hike

We hiked the other night, up in the hills above our home. It is a completely familiar spot, we know every turn and climb. Over the years we have taken it by foot, bike and Bob stroller. This time the boys hiked 70% of it, running up the fire road and switchback with such gusto. This from Mace, who makes us carry him after a half a city block of walking. I realized they know it as well as Tim and I, that they recognize it as part of Home. We talked about rattlesnakes and stinkbugs and the rare tarantula sighting. I recalled the first time they took this switchback on their toddler feet.
Sunset hike

There is no way to deny their boyhood. I don't want to. I am enamored of this age though my spine still shudders at the inevitable whining and rigidity that comes as part of three. I like my kids. That is truly a relief as I have never been a big fan of kids in general.

They will be giant to me some day. But for right now I think I will savor them just as they are.
Sunset hike


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it so incredible to see our children grow up. this is a great post, but was it just me who thought about the band when i read the title in my google reader.

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so very sweet!! i hope you have a happy thanksgiving!!