Monday, December 06, 2010

Weathering It

You know, you hope and dream that your children will grow to love the same things you do, love the same life you live. And then you see that they do and it makes you feel so very good.

I am not sure how many parents embrace the idea that they know how to raise children. It seems in this day there is always some expert offering the latest way to do things or an explanation for why things are as they are. But how often do we hear that we do know what to do? That we are doing a good job?

Ha ha. I wrote the above a week ago, hours before our family was slammed for the second year in a row by some terrible virus. Let me tell you, I did not feel the above at all in the last 7 days. Alternately I felt like throwing one of them or myself or maybe even Tim somewhere. But I could not because I could not really get up long enough to do so. There is a particular kind of evil to your whole family coming down with something at the same time, its like being taken out by the knees. Not good.

Now we are almost on the other side of it, the boys are coming around and getting back to some semblance of sleep. We, the adults, are hacking up less stuff (and the stuff hacked up is becoming less disgusting in nature and color). Every time I wanted to cry and stop this week, I thought that if my throat feels like someone shredded it with broken glass, well, imagine how a the little people must feel. No wonder there was almost constant wailing and wake ups.

So, the post originally featured some adorable clips of the boys at snow play. And it still will. Because, now, a week after our fun and successful and chilly getaway, I am reminded to embrace the days that are just that. It ain't always sunshine and roses, but when it is, it sure is fun.


I Saw You Dancing said...

I am certainly no expert but I can see you, and I see you are an extraordinary mother and a beautiful woman.
I've also witnessed you overcome some staggering odds this year, and always with wisdom and grace.
I've missed you sweet girl. But I know that your time and your energy can only stretch so far. I hope you are carving out even just the teensiest bit of space to nurture your delicious soul.
Much love and wellness to you and all your boys.
Kat xxx

Dana said...

So glad you're on the mend. These videos are adorable and I love to hear the joy you take in their exploration and play.

jillian said...

Oh my - that sounds madly terrible. Blech. Glad you are all on the mend. Can't wait to see you!