Sunday, January 30, 2011


Been a while since This blog space called to me. I am having so much fun with the camera and over at Flickr. 365 keeps me shooting daily and this is a good thing. I turned it around on myself last night before he headed out with friends and realized how uncomfortable I can feel in front of the lens. Also, I need to break out the Manfrotto and get a remote shutter click for SP in the future.
Out going

Last night we were with our friends, a celebration of my best friend's birthday. I kept the camera at hand the whole night, shooting and laughing and playing with these people that I love. And it made me recall how very much fun it is to do the party camera capture.

People are so happy when they gather and it serves for some great moments. I think that is the pull for so many behind the lens, that opportunity to capture the spark and joy that happens. And I love to be reminded the next day as I scan and click and adjust the happiness just a little this way, a little that.

Here is to falling in love with taking pictures yet again. A lot more than just shooting going on behind the scenes around here but for now I will leave you with one more. This is one I like to call Blue Steel....

Blue Steel

Oh, how I love Zoolander.

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sweetsalty kate said...

You are so totally adorable. :)