Saturday, February 12, 2011

LOVE :: Making Valentines

Always a wrench to be thrown into the works .. now we are dealing with a fevered ear-aching really sad little boy (with another one on his heels, I am quite sure). Ah, sick season. I should learn not to declare anything any more. But I can still muster up a little LOVE.


A few months ago I was sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest. If you are not there yet, I do apologize for enabling you. It is super good but a super time suck so I have tried to limit my time there. The best thing about it is the sheer amount of wonderful and doable stuff that crops up among my group of people. I found a simple Valentine idea a few months ago and because I could see the visual 'pin', I actually went back and did them.
365 :: 39

The project is a felt fortune cookie packed with little goodies. We had all the needed bits on hand :: felt, glue gun, ribbon and floral wire.
Valentine :: Be Mine

The idea came from the always spot on Martha Stewart website and took no more than an hour. It was fun because the boys were able to help quite a bit, they cut out sticker treats, wrote on the tags and helped quite a bit with the tootsie roll placement (and consumption).
Valentine making
And I enjoyed it which is an important component when crafting with kids. If you are looking for a handmade Valentine for the littles (or even for a few of your most special friends) I recommend this one.

365 699
You still have a day or two to git her done. Happy crafting, friends.


Liz md P-H said...

I love the way the boys look making this! It looks like it was great fun and I am envious of their t-shirts. I wish I had more time to create for them as you do. I'll have to take a page from your book this year as this is the stuff I have always envisioned doing with the kidlets.

Your craft and pictures, as always, are inspirational and awesome. Thank you for sharing.

LauraC said...

You are too cute, but in the south it is "Git Er Done." And truly, only the hickiest of the hicks say it.

V day crafting is at an all time low since Jon leaves tomorrow morning for two weeks overseas.

Dana said...

I hereby crown you "Craft Queen."
Those are above and beyond special.

sweetsalty kate said...

Oh my gosh, this is so fantastic, and so sweet!

Sadia said...

What a great idea!

How are the boys feeling?